Thursday, September 2, 2010


Wow!! Remember this drama?  It only got worse.  I waited on that phone call and when I finally got it all spots were full!!  I mean I had her in Tues/Thurs then switched her to M/W/F and then when I tried to switch her back they were full!!!!!  SO.. I really felt that I had made a huge mistake and enrolled her in two more preschools.  That put her on the waiting list for Tues/Thurs at a total of three schools.  By the end of the summer a spot opened up at all three places.  (Apparently there are a lot of moms just like me who can't make up their mind.)  You would think I would be elated... however, I was just more distraught.  Do I send her back to the first one and into the arms of the teacher she LOVED and still asks to see?  Do I send her to the preschool she attended just for the summer and I came to like a lot because of the location and another wonderful teacher?  OR do I send her to our church preschool that has a wonderful reputation where she would be with a bunch of kids she knows from church and playgroups?  The choice now seems so obvious, but at the time it was one I lost a lot more sleep over and badgered more people to make the decision for me.

Ultimately it was mine and I chose our church preschool on Tues/Thurs and I know I made the right decision.

There were better photos of the three of us, but I really liked this one because she had a hand on both of us.  (Thank you Debbie for the most adorable monogrammed Jon Jon for Tyler!.. It's my new favorite!)

This was my last photo before we left the house.  Can't you just hear her screaming "NOOOO!"

Everybody stops at the fountain at church to take their kid's photos (I can't believe I'm saying "kid" and not "baby").  We stopped and this was the best I could do.  There were too many people waiting their turn and too much going on.

One of Madison's best friends, Ansley, happened to be there at the same time and I was able to get a photo of the two of them.  They are in the same class!  Ansley did a great job hamming it up for the cameras.  At first Madison would not get up there with her.  I pulled her to the side and said.. "if you go up there I'll..... "  What Shelby .. what will you do? I had nothing.  I think Madison could sense the pleading in my eyes and just went on up there without a promise of anything.

Ansley's grandparents brought her to school that morning.  I had just been at Jungle Java (decaf this time) the day before with Ansley and her mom who was exactly 40 weeks pregnant.  Since she had made it that far she wanted to make it one more day to take Ansley to her first day of preschool.  Wouldn't fate have it that she went into labor on this particular morning?

Madison had her name embroidered on the front of her shirt, backpack, lunchbox, and anything else she had with her that day.  Doesn't it crack you up that they put a label on her back anyway?  ;)

WOW... this time last year she was off to school in North Carolina starting an 18 month old class.  Check out the leaves on the ground.  Who would have thought we'd be in Texas one year later and waiting on a "cold front" that is going to get us in the low '90's. 

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