Friday, September 24, 2010

Show Us Where You Live - Master Bedroom

This week Kelly's tour of homes is the Master Bedroom.  Here is my master bedroom from a year ago when we lived in NC.  My windows were 84 inches so when we moved I had to get new curtain panels since my new windows are 108 inches.  My mom suggested lavender. 

How fresh and pretty.... right?

I pulled these photos off the COTE DE TEXAS blog.  If you've never visited.. you should! 

I planned a trip to the Mart in Atlanta to buy all of the curtain panels I needed for the large windows in my new home.  Before I left I asked Jason if he cared what color I got for our master bedroom.  He said, "as long as they aren't purple I don't really care."  I just told him I was looking for something "blueish." 

Here is a close up of my bedding because I don't think you can see the detail.

I found the prints at Ballard Designs.  (Southern Living has been carrying a 15% off coupon in their magazine.)  I knew they would be perfect with my blueish curtains.  Jason spent hours with a laser level and tape measure to get them straight.  He knew if they weren't straight I would make him fix them.  So once all the nails were perfect he hung them up and voila.. they are all totally off!!  It didn't occur to him that the wires would be all different lengths.  I'm letting him take a little break before he has to redo them. :)

That's our master.  It's probably my favorite room in our home!!

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