Thursday, October 28, 2010


Baking cookies has turned into a three day project.  Yesterday we rolled out the dough I had chilled overnight.  I use the term "we" loosely.  She really wanted to press her fingers into the freshly rolled out dough.

I showed her that she needed to press the cookie cutters into the dough instead.

That seemed to work for about a second.  She started to eat the raw dough.  As I scambled to put my camera down and head over she scrambled to shove cookie dough in as fast as she could.  Game Over Madison.  I let her think we were finished and that the cookies had to bake for a very very long time.

While she took a nap I finished baking all the cookies.  I'm going to try and get most of them frosted today.  However, I will save several to let her do too. 

I called my sister yesterday to tell her about my Boo! gift.  I started rambling on and on like she knew what I was talking about.  She finally said.. "SHELBY!  What are you talking about?"  If you don't know it's when a neighbor anomously puts together a fun gift bag for you or your kids and leaves it on your door step.  You are supposed to hang a sign saying you've been "Booed" and then do it to two more of your neighbors.  Normally it's just cute little Halloween stuff for the kids.. well check out what a wonderful neighbor put together...

I tried to get a picture of everything that was put in the present, but it was pretty much impossible to do with a little someone running around.  The stuffed pumpkin in the baking photos was included along with an adorable straw for Madison.  There were also Halloween napkins and something special just for mom!  I'll tell you.. this made my week!

I tried to throw together a fun lunch for Madison.  I searched on Another Lunch's blog for "Hotdog" and found this.

these two octupi went on a date...

It just so happened that I had the noodles with veggies already in the fridge left over from dinner the night before.  (I had made The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Cacciatore.  We give a dish one out of two ratings around here.. Pass or Fail.. that was a for sure a FAIL.  She listed prep time as 10 minutes.. HA HA HA! It was a lot of work for me and not a lot of payoff.)  So anyway.. back to Madison's lunch.  I whipped this up..

Cute right?  I would love to say that Madison gobbled it right up.  Unfortunately she labeled it a F-A-I-L.  She was not a fan of the noodles and I think was a little creeped out by the octopus.  I on the other hand thought it was rather cute and helped her finish it. 

How cute is this??!!  My friend sent me this photo she did at my old playgroup in North Carolina.  I thought it was too cute for words and I will be making this with Tyler and Madison's little piggies.

Favorite photo of the week???....

I am hurrying through this post because we have church pictures in just a little while.  It will be our first professional photo of the whole family.. EVER. 

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baking Cookies With Madison...

Madison has really taken an interest in cooking.  She likes to watch me cook.  She'll pull a chair up and climb up to watch.  I get a lot of "my do it mama?"  Maybe it's more like "MY DO IT MAMA!"  This afternoon Jason was home a little early so I decided to let her help me make sugar cookie dough.  While she was playing with Jason and Tyler I pre-measured all the ingredients...  (Oh.. and that big bottle on the left is Mexican Vanilla.  It seems to have a slightly better (in my opinion) flavor than regular vanilla.  It comes in that huge bottle really cheap too!  It's easy to find here in Texas and a lot harder to find in the southeast.)

I called Madison in when I was all set up and she was beyond excited! 

She got the ADORABLE apron from my friend, Cassie, for her second birthday.

I'm really proud of myself for stepping back to catch her in action.  I half expected the flour to end up everywhere, but in the bowl

She loved everything except the waiting....

and waiting ....

for my non-room temperature butter to get fluffy with the sugar.

Once it finally was ready we wrapped the dough up and put it in the fridge to roll out tomorrow.

I was thrilled that she wanted to "help" clean up.  Can you imagine my dismay when she licked the sponge?  The old sponge that was really past it's prime?

To be continued...

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

She's a hoot...

If you are here from Kelly's Korner scroll to the bottom of this post.  It's an old post, but I thought the toddler nibble tray was worth sharing!

If I had to sum up Madison in one word it would be.... happy.   We keep getting "oh that Madison is such a hoot!"  Just this week two different people made that statement.  A neighbor down the street and one of the workers in our church nursery. 

Timmy Triangle came home with us this week.  Timmy Triangle and Circle Joe reside comfortably in Madison's bed.  For some reason she likes to keep them there.

Madison is obsessed with this string.  This love affair has been going on for a while.  She takes it to friend's houses and she will take down anyone who tries to play with it.  She makes "puzzles" on the floor with it and will lay it out and jump over it.  She also uses it to "fish" for items she's dropped in the car.  I took this photo this morning before we left for school.  I made her leave it in her car seat and when I picked her up she grabbed it and so "oh mama... my string missed me!!"  She's a hoot for sure!

Oh.. and by the way.. it's late October and it's blazing here!  The temperature is nearing 90.  I dressed her in a Popsicle outfit and threw the sweater on top only because it's OCTOBER!  I pulled the sweater off her when we got to school because it was already over 80.

Poor Tyler!  All of his 6-12 month clothes I bought him are for the fall... as in North Carolina fall.. apparently not Texas fall.  I'm sure he was a little toasty today, BUT isn't he cute?

A friend (Thanks Kristen!!)  told me about this amazing blog .. Another Lunch.  She makes all these creative bento box lunches.  I ordered some supplies and have been trying things out on Madison.  It really works!!  My latest purchase was this...  Dr. Sears Nibble Tray.  This picture is from "Another Lunch."

dr. sears nibble tray

This is what I packed in Madison's lunch today...(The green part snaps off.  It has gel built in so you can freeze it.  I left it off today).  When I pick her up from school she'll tell me about her lunch.  Like she had butterfly cheese or flower sandwhich. 

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Picture Do-Over

I slipped outside one evening this past week with my man Tyler.  Just the two of us.  He's my new perfect subject.  He doesn't go anywhere.. He hangs out where ever I put him...

He's sorta starting to sit up.  It won't be long now....

I think Madison has been secretly teaching him her "faux" smile..

After dinner we did our usual outing outside.  The weather is perfect here in the evenings.  We try to get Madison to burn off some energy with our walks.  This usually turns into me and Jason burning off energy we don't have.  He always had Tyler in the Bjorn and Madison walks halfway and then wants up on my back.  OR this happens.. which I MUCH prefer!!

I only wish Tyler was in focus.. I love this photo!

After church I wanted to get a few photos of her in this outfit.. she wore it last year as a dress...

I went back to the lady who made it and asked her to whip up a pair of pants in the same fabric.  She happened to have just enough left and voila...

she can wear it again!!

Happy Fall!!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Show Us Where You Live - Office

This week on Kelly's tour is the home office...

When we were looking to buy this house back in January this floor plan has a room on the lower level called the "study."  Well it's our ballroom and I'll explain that when we tour playrooms.  :)

I guess you could call this small room off our bonus room our office?!

The side of the "office" you see from the bonus room is mine.  One of my very first posts on this blog discussed how I scrapbook, but in my old house I had no place.  I had to pull everything out in the dining room and then put it up again.  Thankfully, I don't have to do that anymore.  I just plop down in my comfy chair and work here.   (To be honest.. the addition of my second sweet baby has caused my scrapbook to be really behind.  I don't love doing it and don't really want to spend the little free time I have doing it, but I do it for Madison and Tyler.)

The other side is where I blog!  Jason has a laptop with work and is rarely on our home computer.  So I guess you could say this whole area is mine! :)

I grew up spending a lot of my summers in Tybee Island, GA right near Savannah.  I bought this poster years ago.  I thought it was fun and Savannah holds a lot of family memories for me.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Gone Bad

We were invited to go with some friends to another pumpkin patch this past Friday.  We had such a good time at Crowe's Nest Farm that I thought.. why not?   I dressed the kids for October weather and set out around 8:30 a.m.  The closer we go to the pumpkin patch the higher my outside temperature gage went up in the car.  By the time we arrived it said 75 degrees, but it felt like 80.  I got everybody and everything out of the car and I along with two other moms and 5 other kids headed to the field.  My friend who has three kids was nursing while she was pushing a stroller and keeping up with a two and four year old.  (That is talent I do not possess.) 

Let's just say Madison was cranky.  I managed to get her to pose for this shot, however, I was not able to get my camera straightened out.  The photos are overexposed and I pretty much knew there would be no time before she was shoving Tyler off her lap and out the trailer. 

Ten 'o clock is less than ideal to be trying to take photos.  Madison let me know real quick that she felt the pumpkins were "dur-tee" and she had no interest in sitting on them or touching them.  (Look at her fingers!)

Still not touching and for sure not looking at me.

She did not want to pose on a bail of hay either.

I must have looked like a crazy person putting this pumpkin hat on Tyler in 85 degree weather (I know it was at least that hot by then!).  Poor thing just couldn't look up at me because of the sun.

Madison rummaged through my diaper bag while I was trying to get photos of Tyler.  She helped herself to a snack and would not put them down.

I took off Tyler's pants and socks and strapped him in the Bjorn and continued on with the other moms trying to keep up with Madison and my stroller.  This was Madison's idea of staying with me.

They had all kinds of cute set ups to take photos.  Madison jumped on this tractor and jumped right off the other side.

They also had an old broken down rusted truck with pumpkins all around it and in the back of the truck.  It was sooo cute and I wanted her photo on the back of it.  I sat her on the back and while I was trying to take a picture with Tyler strapped to my chest she started chunking the pumpkins out the back.

So.. we continued on to the goat pin.  (After I picked up the pumpkins of course.)  Madison realized that if you had goat food you could pet them.  I was trying to get my diaper bag straightened out when I heard Madison asking a mom I did not know for goat food.  The lady was knelt down with her kids giving them some of the food.  The lady looked at me and said.. "Is it okay if she has some?"  This is code for "come get your kid."  To this I responded.. "Oh sure!"  Because let me tell you.. I found out AFTER we got to the goat pin that the food was at the entrance of the farm.  There was no way even for the 10 seconds of joy it would give Madison that I was going to lug this circus back to the entrance.

Next thing I know my friends are telling me that we need to go get tickets for the hay ride which was loading up right next to the goat pin.  "Where do we go to buy tickets?"  Their response?  "Over by the goat food."  Well of course it is.. that makes total sense.

So we huffed it back to the entrance.  Tyler rode in the Bjorn and Madison rode sitting on the handle bars of the stroller and I pushed.  (I refuse to buy a double stroller).  While I was buying tickets Madison began throwing small pumpkins out of the bin next to the register.  It was almost time for Tyler to eat so he began to fuss.  In my experience, hay rides last all of five seconds so I figured we could quickly do the hay ride and I would nurse him when we got back.  FORTY-FIVE minutes later we arrived back from the hayride.  Tyler screamed and cried the entire ride.  Madison snuggled up next to another mom I did not know.  I guess she did not want to claim us.  I can't say I blame her.  My friends said they just felt so bad for us.  They were not alone...I felt bad for us too.  I threw Tyler in the stroller, Madison on top of the handle bars and took off running to the car.  (I wish I had a picture of this scene).  Madison had lunch in her car seat and I nursed Tyler in the front. 

At least the hour long car ride home was really quiet.... I had two very tired babies.

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