Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crowe's Nest Farm

My MOMS group could not asked for a more beautiful day to visit Crowe's Nest Farm. 

 Madison and one of her best bud's waiting for the tour to start.  They love to hold hands...

sometimes... Madison decided she was finished holding hands and crossed her arms so Ansley copied her.. we were cracking up at the two of them.  (Can't you just see the two year old 'tude on Madison's face?)  Some one told me that two year olds fight hard, but they love hard too.  I think that is spot on for my girl.

We got a little presentation on milking a cow.  (I swear I feel just like that cow these days!)

Madison still adores all animals!  (Her jeans are a little big right now.. HEE HEE!)

She just ran as fast as she could through the butterfly house.  I was just trying to keep up with her.

Ansley's mom, Emily with Megan.

Tyler was so good.  When he got fussy I just grabbed my stroller and he went right to sleep.  I think all the visuals wore him out.  (It's hard to get a good picture of him in the Bjorn.. he loves to chew on it!)

Tyler is a great baby as long as we are moving.  (I pray for green lights!)  He cannot stand for me to stop or sit down.  So this hay ride was tricky. 

How sweet are these girls headed to our picnic lunch?

Madison was asleep when I pulled into the driveway.  I just put her in bed and she took a nice long nap all afternoon.  I am so thankful I am able to do these things with her. 

Madison's new saying is "I love you all night."  (I have no idea where she got it). 

She says .. "I love baby Ti-yer all night."

she does..

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