Thursday, October 28, 2010


Baking cookies has turned into a three day project.  Yesterday we rolled out the dough I had chilled overnight.  I use the term "we" loosely.  She really wanted to press her fingers into the freshly rolled out dough.

I showed her that she needed to press the cookie cutters into the dough instead.

That seemed to work for about a second.  She started to eat the raw dough.  As I scambled to put my camera down and head over she scrambled to shove cookie dough in as fast as she could.  Game Over Madison.  I let her think we were finished and that the cookies had to bake for a very very long time.

While she took a nap I finished baking all the cookies.  I'm going to try and get most of them frosted today.  However, I will save several to let her do too. 

I called my sister yesterday to tell her about my Boo! gift.  I started rambling on and on like she knew what I was talking about.  She finally said.. "SHELBY!  What are you talking about?"  If you don't know it's when a neighbor anomously puts together a fun gift bag for you or your kids and leaves it on your door step.  You are supposed to hang a sign saying you've been "Booed" and then do it to two more of your neighbors.  Normally it's just cute little Halloween stuff for the kids.. well check out what a wonderful neighbor put together...

I tried to get a picture of everything that was put in the present, but it was pretty much impossible to do with a little someone running around.  The stuffed pumpkin in the baking photos was included along with an adorable straw for Madison.  There were also Halloween napkins and something special just for mom!  I'll tell you.. this made my week!

I tried to throw together a fun lunch for Madison.  I searched on Another Lunch's blog for "Hotdog" and found this.

these two octupi went on a date...

It just so happened that I had the noodles with veggies already in the fridge left over from dinner the night before.  (I had made The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Cacciatore.  We give a dish one out of two ratings around here.. Pass or Fail.. that was a for sure a FAIL.  She listed prep time as 10 minutes.. HA HA HA! It was a lot of work for me and not a lot of payoff.)  So anyway.. back to Madison's lunch.  I whipped this up..

Cute right?  I would love to say that Madison gobbled it right up.  Unfortunately she labeled it a F-A-I-L.  She was not a fan of the noodles and I think was a little creeped out by the octopus.  I on the other hand thought it was rather cute and helped her finish it. 

How cute is this??!!  My friend sent me this photo she did at my old playgroup in North Carolina.  I thought it was too cute for words and I will be making this with Tyler and Madison's little piggies.

Favorite photo of the week???....

I am hurrying through this post because we have church pictures in just a little while.  It will be our first professional photo of the whole family.. EVER. 

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