Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Gone Bad

We were invited to go with some friends to another pumpkin patch this past Friday.  We had such a good time at Crowe's Nest Farm that I thought.. why not?   I dressed the kids for October weather and set out around 8:30 a.m.  The closer we go to the pumpkin patch the higher my outside temperature gage went up in the car.  By the time we arrived it said 75 degrees, but it felt like 80.  I got everybody and everything out of the car and I along with two other moms and 5 other kids headed to the field.  My friend who has three kids was nursing while she was pushing a stroller and keeping up with a two and four year old.  (That is talent I do not possess.) 

Let's just say Madison was cranky.  I managed to get her to pose for this shot, however, I was not able to get my camera straightened out.  The photos are overexposed and I pretty much knew there would be no time before she was shoving Tyler off her lap and out the trailer. 

Ten 'o clock is less than ideal to be trying to take photos.  Madison let me know real quick that she felt the pumpkins were "dur-tee" and she had no interest in sitting on them or touching them.  (Look at her fingers!)

Still not touching and for sure not looking at me.

She did not want to pose on a bail of hay either.

I must have looked like a crazy person putting this pumpkin hat on Tyler in 85 degree weather (I know it was at least that hot by then!).  Poor thing just couldn't look up at me because of the sun.

Madison rummaged through my diaper bag while I was trying to get photos of Tyler.  She helped herself to a snack and would not put them down.

I took off Tyler's pants and socks and strapped him in the Bjorn and continued on with the other moms trying to keep up with Madison and my stroller.  This was Madison's idea of staying with me.

They had all kinds of cute set ups to take photos.  Madison jumped on this tractor and jumped right off the other side.

They also had an old broken down rusted truck with pumpkins all around it and in the back of the truck.  It was sooo cute and I wanted her photo on the back of it.  I sat her on the back and while I was trying to take a picture with Tyler strapped to my chest she started chunking the pumpkins out the back.

So.. we continued on to the goat pin.  (After I picked up the pumpkins of course.)  Madison realized that if you had goat food you could pet them.  I was trying to get my diaper bag straightened out when I heard Madison asking a mom I did not know for goat food.  The lady was knelt down with her kids giving them some of the food.  The lady looked at me and said.. "Is it okay if she has some?"  This is code for "come get your kid."  To this I responded.. "Oh sure!"  Because let me tell you.. I found out AFTER we got to the goat pin that the food was at the entrance of the farm.  There was no way even for the 10 seconds of joy it would give Madison that I was going to lug this circus back to the entrance.

Next thing I know my friends are telling me that we need to go get tickets for the hay ride which was loading up right next to the goat pin.  "Where do we go to buy tickets?"  Their response?  "Over by the goat food."  Well of course it is.. that makes total sense.

So we huffed it back to the entrance.  Tyler rode in the Bjorn and Madison rode sitting on the handle bars of the stroller and I pushed.  (I refuse to buy a double stroller).  While I was buying tickets Madison began throwing small pumpkins out of the bin next to the register.  It was almost time for Tyler to eat so he began to fuss.  In my experience, hay rides last all of five seconds so I figured we could quickly do the hay ride and I would nurse him when we got back.  FORTY-FIVE minutes later we arrived back from the hayride.  Tyler screamed and cried the entire ride.  Madison snuggled up next to another mom I did not know.  I guess she did not want to claim us.  I can't say I blame her.  My friends said they just felt so bad for us.  They were not alone...I felt bad for us too.  I threw Tyler in the stroller, Madison on top of the handle bars and took off running to the car.  (I wish I had a picture of this scene).  Madison had lunch in her car seat and I nursed Tyler in the front. 

At least the hour long car ride home was really quiet.... I had two very tired babies.

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