Thursday, October 21, 2010

She's a hoot...

If you are here from Kelly's Korner scroll to the bottom of this post.  It's an old post, but I thought the toddler nibble tray was worth sharing!

If I had to sum up Madison in one word it would be.... happy.   We keep getting "oh that Madison is such a hoot!"  Just this week two different people made that statement.  A neighbor down the street and one of the workers in our church nursery. 

Timmy Triangle came home with us this week.  Timmy Triangle and Circle Joe reside comfortably in Madison's bed.  For some reason she likes to keep them there.

Madison is obsessed with this string.  This love affair has been going on for a while.  She takes it to friend's houses and she will take down anyone who tries to play with it.  She makes "puzzles" on the floor with it and will lay it out and jump over it.  She also uses it to "fish" for items she's dropped in the car.  I took this photo this morning before we left for school.  I made her leave it in her car seat and when I picked her up she grabbed it and so "oh mama... my string missed me!!"  She's a hoot for sure!

Oh.. and by the way.. it's late October and it's blazing here!  The temperature is nearing 90.  I dressed her in a Popsicle outfit and threw the sweater on top only because it's OCTOBER!  I pulled the sweater off her when we got to school because it was already over 80.

Poor Tyler!  All of his 6-12 month clothes I bought him are for the fall... as in North Carolina fall.. apparently not Texas fall.  I'm sure he was a little toasty today, BUT isn't he cute?

A friend (Thanks Kristen!!)  told me about this amazing blog .. Another Lunch.  She makes all these creative bento box lunches.  I ordered some supplies and have been trying things out on Madison.  It really works!!  My latest purchase was this...  Dr. Sears Nibble Tray.  This picture is from "Another Lunch."

dr. sears nibble tray

This is what I packed in Madison's lunch today...(The green part snaps off.  It has gel built in so you can freeze it.  I left it off today).  When I pick her up from school she'll tell me about her lunch.  Like she had butterfly cheese or flower sandwhich. 

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