Friday, October 15, 2010

Show Us Where You Live - Office

This week on Kelly's tour is the home office...

When we were looking to buy this house back in January this floor plan has a room on the lower level called the "study."  Well it's our ballroom and I'll explain that when we tour playrooms.  :)

I guess you could call this small room off our bonus room our office?!

The side of the "office" you see from the bonus room is mine.  One of my very first posts on this blog discussed how I scrapbook, but in my old house I had no place.  I had to pull everything out in the dining room and then put it up again.  Thankfully, I don't have to do that anymore.  I just plop down in my comfy chair and work here.   (To be honest.. the addition of my second sweet baby has caused my scrapbook to be really behind.  I don't love doing it and don't really want to spend the little free time I have doing it, but I do it for Madison and Tyler.)

The other side is where I blog!  Jason has a laptop with work and is rarely on our home computer.  So I guess you could say this whole area is mine! :)

I grew up spending a lot of my summers in Tybee Island, GA right near Savannah.  I bought this poster years ago.  I thought it was fun and Savannah holds a lot of family memories for me.

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