Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tyler - Five Months

Dear Tyler,

Oh my goodness you are so sweet!!  I put Madison down for a nap yesterday and took you to your room for your 5 month photos.  I dressed you in nothing special.  It's just what you already had on... which was perfect to capture you in this moment.  I placed you on your rocking chair and instead of worrying about you sliding down I had to worry about you falling forward.  You so badly want to sit up on your own! 

I backed away once I felt you were going to stay put and you did this funny thing with your leg...

You kept doing it!  Were you trying to show me you could lift that chubby little leg?!

I love this age!  You smile and laugh all the time. You like to try and carry on little conversations with us.

You are mastering the art of napping in your car seat.

Your sister can't sit still for too long so she keeps us busy!  I don't know what I'm going to do when we have to move you to the next car seat out of your carrier.  I have a feeling this might be soon since you have to be around 18 lbs now.

This month you learned to roll from your back to your...

stomach!  There is just one little problem with that... you can't roll the other way and you get stuck!

Speaking of rolling over and chubby thighs you have started waking up in the middle of the night!

I just can't figure out if you are mad that you are on your tummy or mad that you are hungry!!  You know your mommy is not a good decision maker so I've been talking to friends, family, your doctor, your nurses, just about anyone who will listen and give me advice or at least paid to give me direction!!   Your sister NEVER woke up in the middle of the night after 12 weeks unless she was sick.. which wasn't ofter so this has thrown me for a loop.  I finally gave in and have been getting up to feed you during the night.  I'm praying that this will pass!  Oh.. and because your doctor said so we started you on rice cereal on your five month birthday. I really wanted to wait another month, but loss of sleep (for me) decided otherwise!

I wanted to take a picture of you being fed the cereal to document the occasion, but daddy had to take Madison to swim lessons. 

So here you are getting all ready. I first put you in the bouncy and then changed my mind and put you in the bumbo.  (Too many choices for your poor mama!)

You ate a few bites (wearing your sister's first birthday bib.. I promise I'm going to buy you your own soon!) and then decided it just wasn't for you.  

So I moved you to your bouncy to see if it would go down better.  Not so much.. Don't worry, I haven't given up and I think we'll try again tonight!

I love going through Madison's old photos to see how much you look alike or don't.  You for sure do, but you are for sure all boy!!

I love you!!

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