Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Bumble Bee and the Ladybug

We had a weekend full of Halloween festivities so the kids got plenty of use out of their costumes.  I dressed the kids early (too early) and took them out for some photos.  Madison was not into it so I got some of Tyler while she hopped around outside.  He's still not sitting up on his own, but does a great job in my handy basket.

Madison was a Bumble Bee her first Halloween too. However, we couldn't quite hand this one down to Tyler.  (Madison was about three weeks older her first Halloween than Tyler). 

His costume was worn by two of his cousins and was a very cute hand-me-down.

I could not think of anything better to put with a bumble bee than a ladybug.  My dad asked if she was a devil or a ladybug.  I told him that she was a little devil dressed up as a ladybug!!  (hee hee.. just kidding!)

My grouchy little ladybug..... 

One thing is for sure.. if you ask her to give her baby brother a kiss (no matter what mood she is in) she will stop and kiss him.

This was a good idea in theory... Where's Tyler?

I could NOT get that tumb out!  No bribery would get her to sit next to Tyler to take a picture.  It's like she knew she would have more candy than she could ever eat in just an hour or two. 

Madison was trying to walk between the strollers at our block party.  The babies thought this was great.... she did not.

Madison was very hesitant at first to trick-or-treat.  This was our neighbor.  I told her to "go say trick-or-treat" and she tucked herself behind my leg and said.. "no, you do it!"  She spied the bowl of candy and quickly changed her mind!

Jason stayed behind to hand out candy while I continued on with the two kids.  After just a few houses Madison had consumed a snickers, smarties, Tootsie Roll, and she was double fisting suckers...    The only thing you can't see in this picture is Tyler's halo.  He never made a peep the whole night.  He was soooo content going along for the ride.

After we got home we found Jason on the street in front of our house.  All our neighbors had lined the street to hand out candy.  I think kid's should have to work a little harder for it!  Madison continued to trick-or-treat at Jason's feet.  We tried to convince her that those treats were for other kids.

We decided to shut down our treat stand and meet up with some neighbor friends....

Avery is a year older than Madison and showed her how it's done...

The girls had a ball!!

Toward the end of the night Madison would get her candy, turn around and say while grunting... "HEEEELLPPPP... my bucket is so heaBy!" 

I absolutely love this neighbors yard.  Decorated or not.  I took the liberty of telling her so too.  It's a beautiful beautiful yard decorated for Halloween or not!  This is only part of the yard and you really can't get the full effect from a picture.

I had an absolute ball this Halloween.  It really is true that you receive so much pleasure through your kid's excitement.

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