Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Hump Day

All my friends know it, my husband knows it, and I'm sure to some degree my kids know it.  I hate Wednesdays.  I like to be scheduled with things to do and places to go.  Wednesday is my wild card day for appointments, errand running, spur of the moment play dates, but a lot of Wednesdays I find us with nothing to do!!  I keep trying to schedule the kids for the gym childcare Wednesday mornings and even calling a day in advanced it always seems to be booked.  I guess I'm not the only one looking for an outlet. This Wednesday was no different and we just had nothing to do!  I needed to get a few things at Target so I figured we would run there and then I would take the kids to the park.

However, I knew I had one daunting task before we left the house.  Madison wakes up every morning with a dry diaper and it's usually still dry after breakfast so I try to get her on the potty.  A lot of times she will go.. that is if I bring it out and place it in front of the TV and show her the goods before she goes.. she has to make sure the reward is worth the effort.  Oh my child!  During our negotiation this morning I looked at her and could just tell she was going in her diaper.  (I guess I need to find some new treats).  It became really apparent when soon she was standing in a puddle.  I couldn't figure it out.. the child had on a diaper.  One that was completely empty two seconds earlier.  I'm still not sure how it happened, but she needed a new pair of pants and shoes.  Ugh!  Not to mention I had to mop up pee first thing. 

I get her redressed, grabbed Tyler and headed for the garage.  I yelled to Madison.. "Come on baby girl.. we are going SHOPPIN'!!"  She grabs her "luby," screams "I coming mama" and starts running after me through the kitchen when she trips over the leg of one of the stools and face plants on the tile.  I placed Tyler on the couch and ran to upright her.  She was holding her lip and there was blood and I immediately saw the chipped tooth.  Did I mention I hate Wednesdays?  She told me "I feel better mama" and I placed her on the couch and called the dentist.  She immediately put her thumb in her mouth.. (really?!)

When I told her we were going to the dentist she said.. "Oh they will be so happy to see me!!"  What a hoot!  She got an x-ray and said the tooth should be fine.  We have to wait a month and then we can make a decision to have it fixed or wait. 

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