Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm over pictures with pumpkins...

I decided to make the trip back to Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls, Texas.  I knew the one hour commute to the pumpkin farm would be worth it this time.  I wanted pictures of the kids badly enough to go again.  I followed the weather reports and picked a Wednesday. The weather changed and thank goodness it did because someone told me that Sweet Berry is open every day of the week EXCEPT Wednesday.  Now wouldn't that have been a story for you?  So this past Friday looked promising.  Beautiful day and highs only in the low 70's.  (Sounds crazy for one of the last days of October to me!).  Don't worry.. I wasn't doing this without someone who has the other 50% stake in my kids....

Their dad... (He at least took 18lbs off my back!)

Upon arrival I tried in vein to get photos first thing.  I knew as the hours went by the sun would get higher and the pictures would be harder to get.  Madison had her own agenda.  She'd been here before and knew where to find the goat food and the goats.  Jason took her to get the goat food while I nursed Tyler in the car.  The pumpkins are before the goats.  Madison has the food and OH MY GOSH we better get her to the goats!!!

Jason took her ahead while I tried to get some photos of Tyler.

I have found that I really want a good picture of the two of my kids together more than I want a good one of them alone.  However, it occurred to me that Tyler may want some with pumpkins by himself for his scrapbook.  (Or I guess his mama realized she would like that.)

On a complete side note.. dirt, early morning dew, and a baby dressed in white do not go well together.  Once I put all this together we wrapped up our photo session.  I also realized that I needed to relax and enjoy the experience instead of worrying about getting my shot.  So we fed goats, did a corn maze, went on a hay ride (Tyler was very happy this time), a barrel ride...  (This was my first and last ride.. the driver took us on an extra long ride since we beat everyone to the farm that day and we were the only ones on the ride!!  Let's just say I cushioned the ride for Madison.)

Good times.. HEE HEE!

Saw a six week old donkey.... 

and had time to stop and smell the flowers..

I love this photo!  By the time we were nearing the car I was carrying Madison.  Jason was walking just like this and I can't tell you how many ladies were saying.. "oh how sweet.. I need a picture of this.... !"  I would come up a few steps later and assure them I got one.   We cut zinnias and sweet cinnamon basil.  ($2 a cup)

This was the only photo I managed to get where Madison wasn't crying or trying to get away.  And really.. I love it!

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