Sunday, November 28, 2010


Let me first start out this post by saying all of these photos were taken with our point and shoot.  I just did not have it in me to cart my Nikon around.  I would also like to note that Jason was the photographer on this trip.  I really had it in my head that we would take a ton of photos.  It just didn't happen... By the time we had a moment to grab the camera I think we were both just too tired!!

We flew back to North Carolina to have Thanksgiving with Jason's family.  I managed to get our whole family packed in two suitcases for one week.  We checked the luggage and headed with Madison in her stroller and Tyler in the Bjorn to security.  I flew in August with Tyler and I was allowed to go through security without taking him out of the Bjorn.  After taking off every ones shoes, getting everything including the stroller up on the security belt and notifying them of my breast milk in a bottle I attempted to step through the scanner.  The guard told me that I could either take Tyler off and put the Bjorn on the belt or I could be patted down.  Have you seen the Today show lately?  I had him out of the carrier in two seconds.  (All in all they were really nice and I think really felt sorry for us.  They kept apologizing for having to test my breast milk and juice and for having to put us through all of that.)

On the flight from Austin to Atlanta, Madison rode between me and Jason.

We had a short layover in Atlanta so Jason ran with Tyler to grab lunch.  A guy sitting near us told Jason that he watched him walking through the airport to us and all he could think was "The Hangover."  This gave me a good chuckle.

On the flight from Atlanta to Greensboro the plane was a lot smaller.  So there were only two seats on each side.  Madison sat next to me and Tyler sat in my lap.  Jason sat across the aisle with a Chatty Cathy.  I managed to get Tyler to sleep pretty much in this position....

He had been fussing so once he fell asleep I did not want to move a muscle.  Madison takes this opportunity to grab a wad of my hair and start pulling.  Let me just note that she has NEVER done this before.  I'm yelling at her in a whispered voice to let go of my hair all the while not moving and trying to keep the jerking of my head to a minimum.  Well this just fuels her fire.. and she continues to pull while laughing hysterically.  I start yelling for Jason and he turns and pries her fingers from my hair! 

Our good friends came to Jason's sisters house to visit.  The last time I saw my friend Amy we were both pregnant with these boys!  Tyler is a month older than Oliver.  Cute huh?

Madison was thrilled to be with her cousins.  She and Parker are 3 months apart.

There was a house FULL of toys and a kitchen full of women cooking.  Where did Madison want to be??  Right in the middle of it! 

Jason's sister is so sweet.  She didn't care a bit that they were destroying her spice drawer.  Parker was right there in the middle of it too.  By the time we had enough sense to grab the camera he had moved on.

I'm standing behind Tyler.  I don't quite trust him not to fall back and smack his head on the floor.

We celebrated three birthdays while there for the week.  "Uncle John's" birthday was one of them.

Madison helped Pop hand out presents.

Turkey dinner.. the adult table...

and the under 25 table...

Madison was driving her almost seven year old cousin crazy!  (Notice her hand on his pocket?)  She would say ... "ALSTON, ALSTON, ALSTON...."  and he would finally say.. "WHAT??!!!" and she would just smile... HA HA HA

I'm really disappointed Jason did not get a picture of the whole table!

Early in the week I booked a photo session with my old NC photographer.  I was so excited to get Tyler's six month photos made with her.  I was praying for a few with both kids.  We were supposed to take the photos outside, but we got rained out and ended up in her studio.  See how Madison is in this photo??..

and this one?  Well that about sums up how she was at the photo session.  It was great.

I guess you just can't tell a two year old to get in front of a camera and smile.. or at least not mine.  I've now dressed my kids twice trying to get Christmas card photos with no luck.  It may just be Tyler on the card this year.. HA HA HA.

Oh.. check her out in this one with her Granny (Jason's grandmother) and her cousins and aunt.

The four generations.. Saidee (Jason's grandmother), his sister (Lori), his mom (Nana) and the kids.

Madison and Parker play really well together for two year olds.  I love hearing their little conversations.  Madison was coloring at one point and Parker went up to her and said.. "You want to play with my TOYS?"   (Drawn out and high pitched..) She said, "not right now.. I coloring" 

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