Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turkey Lunch at Preschool

Jason, Tyler and I joined Madison for lunch or shall I say brunch at her preschool today.  Since she is in the youngest class we ate at 10:45.  She was so excited to see us!  When we walked in to the dining area they were already placing our lunch on the table.  The kids had made these ADORABLE place mats so they used those as place cards.  Lucky for us they put Madison's click together!  HA HA.. So we sat next to her buddies Ansley and Catie and their parents (also our buddies). 

So we sit down and I attempt to get some photos of her at close range.

What do you think Madison is doing in this photo? 

a) passing bread
b) playing hot potato
c) throwing her mashed potatoes off of her own plate and on to mine

If you guessed "A" .. I wish.  "B" or "C" will actually suffice as the correct answer.  "I don't yike these" was her answer when I put down my camera and said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"  I actually had no idea I caught this moment until I uploaded the photos this evening.  I'm not sure if I'm more disturbed that she did that or that the MASHED potatoes held together for the hand off.

When I looked over her lunch plate I pretty much knew she would not eat any of it but the bread...

which she stuck on her plastic knife and tried to eat it like a corndog.  I did put down the camera when I realized she was bringing it to her mouth.  I think we need some table manners 101.

Why do you think I'm getting the stink eye in this photo?

a) Madison is not a touchy feely girl and I'm in her personal space
b) she's tired of having her picture taken
c) she is ticked off that I am holding down her arm so she stops flailing her knife around

I'm sure you guessed correctly.  I'm loving my death grip on her arm and my sweet smile in the photo.  You can see Tyler is in his stroller behind us.. not sleeping during his nap time, but rockin' his halo. 

I left and ran a few errands after her brunch and when I returned to pick her up I received her school photo proofs...   They aren't the best.. It's like they said her name and she said.. "huh" and then they snapped the photo.  I would buy it no matter what..

I bought a ton of these....HA HA!

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