Monday, November 8, 2010

Tyler - Six Months

Six months?!!  I feel like we are beginning the countdown to Tyler's first birthday.  He's working very hard on sitting up.  We've had a little talk and I've given him until the week of Thanksgiving to master it.  We are having his 6 month photos made that week and it's a must! :) 

In addition to oatmeal I've started giving him fruits and veges.  He is a much better eater than his sister and will pretty much eat anything.  I pulled out my "Super Baby Food" book I bought when Madison started solids for a little refresher.  It says that avocado is a great first food... and I quote, "mashed ripe avocado is an excellent first food for baby.  They are so nutritious that some claim humans can live on them exclusively."  Oh yes!  I remember this with Madison.  I also remember that is the only food Madison has actually thrown up because she was so disgusted by the taste.  I thought for sure Tyler would love it...

I was wrong.

That night at the dinner table was a rough one.  This is not Madison playing peek-a-boo.  This is my child having a complete fit!  Do you ever have those nights?  She was tired and cranky and I think hungry.  It was not fun.

I've also started giving Tyler Mum Mums.  I don't think they had these around when Madison was a baby.  If they did I didn't know about them.  I fed her teething biscuits.  Or shall I say biscuit.. without the "s".  They were such a mess that she had one in her life, ever.  These really don't make much of a mess and Tyler loves them.  He can already feed himself the whole thing!

I bought this basket at Target and I love it!  (Too bad I have forgotten to take the tag off!)

No teeth yet!  He continues to get up between five and six in the morning.  He eats and goes right back down until eight or nine.

I took all these pictures right before his big afternoon nap so he's looking quite tired.  Even when he's tired he's sweet.  He has a clogged tear duct (his right eye).  Madison had it too, however, she had long grown out of hers by six months.  I'm hoping he'll grow out of it soon. 

Madison is great about getting toys for him to play with. 

Here is Madison at six months wearing one of my all time favorite outfits I might add!  She started to loose her hair between 5 and 6 months.  When Tyler was 5 1/2 months he still had all of his hair and I was thinking maybe he would keep it.  Just this past week I started to see the signs.  He had one little bald patch develop and then I noticed hair in the car seat and in his crib.  He's lost about as much as she had in her photos!  They both kept the patch on top and a patch in the back.

Same hat, different baby!

We go to the doctor tomorrow for his six month check up.  I can't wait to find out how much he weighs.

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