Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Drive

This year we spent Christmas with my side of the family.  We didn't want to have to ship gifts to and fro so we decided to ..... DRIVE!  This wouldn't be such a crazy notion if it were a 3 hour drive... or a 5 hour drive... but this was a 16 hour drive.  With two kids.  Kids that are zero and two.

Get a real good look at these smiling faces....

and this one...

because that was about it for the rest of the trip.  I took these photos as we pulled out of Austin around nap time. 

Good intentions...  Our plan was to drive straight through the night.  I thought for sure both kids would sleep soundly in their car seats and arrive in Georgia happy campers.  Tyler did.  His halo is still intact.

Madison woke up every hour on the hour and cried her little heart out.  She kept saying she had a boo boo on her bottom.  I knew she was just sore from sitting in the seat.  I kept saying to Jason.. "I don't think we are going to make it.. I think we need to stop at a hotel."  In his defense he did not want to leave the car in a hotel parking lot loaded with Christmas gifts and electronics to keep Madison entertained.  At about four a.m. we pulled into Atlanta and once again Madison was crying.  She got so choked up that she started vomiting.  (Let me mention that on the last stop for gas in the middle of the night Jason bought and gave Madison and entire package of tic tacks.  Orange tic tacs to try and make her happy.)  I flew back to the back seat and told Jason to find somewhere to pull over.  He pulled into a hotel parking lot and I told him to go get a room.  He very nicely said "no way... we are an hour from your parents house.. no way."  So he came to her side of the car and I peeled her clothes off of her.  (When we left Texas is was 78 degrees.  It was in the teens that night in Atlanta.  Slightly shocking for us.)  I handed Madison in nothing but a diaper to Jason and he held her at arms length while I started using an entire package of wipes to try and clean her car seat.  I just couldn't help myself and started to cry... "I can't do this anymore.."  (I don't handle things well when I'm tired and I just felt so bad for Madison.  I couldn't bare to put her back in the car seat.)  BUT we did and she managed to get back to sleep.  We pulled into my parents driveway at 6 a.m. GA time.  Madison woke up and asked "Are we at Otie and Doonie's house?".. "Yes we are.. aren't you so glad?"  Her response??!!  "I want to go home.."

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