Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve

Elfie came along with us to Georgia.  How else would Santa know where to bring Madison's toys?

Madison, Tyler, and Maddie (my sister's little girl) on Christmas Eve.  My sister still has her exersaucer even though her youngest is three.  I was very very thankful!

Tyler is already loving "My Mack."

Christmas Eve in Georgia just wouldn't be the same if the family didn't load up in the car and go shoot guns.  Not really... not a normal thing for us!!   I have actually never shot a gun and it's on my bucket list, but Jason and I stayed behind to nap because we were still recovering from the horrendous car ride.

My sister-n-law, Caitlin.

Mack and my brother-n-law Kris.  My brother and Kris have served in Iraq and Kris is still active in the National Guard.  This explains why he also had a taser in his truck.  The story goes.. Mack found it and thought the blue static of electricity looked faint.. really how bad could it be?  So he decided to tase himself in the leg.  He immediately dropped to the ground.  Mack is a college grad, army veteran and holds down a career as a real estate appraiser.. Yet he thinks a little ole taser can't take him down.  This made for a great Christmas Eve story.

My dad...

Kris and my nephew, Austin.

They returned home as my little family were waking up from naps.  My dad got busy cooking dinner.. we were expecting some family friends.  (My dad made red and green pasta from scratch for lasagna.. it was fabulous!)  The girls put Santa's cookies in the oven.  This year was especially fun for me.  It's the first year Madison really got what was going on and was SOOO excited!

We started another Christmas tradition this year... They get to open one present...their Christmas pajamas.

This was the best I could do of the kids in their pajamas by the tree!!

Madison and Maddie put out the cookies for Santa.

AND the magic reindeer food for Santa's tired reindeer.

They both carried it out to the deck.

Couldn't you just eat them up?

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