Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gingerbread for starters...

I decided to start a new tradition with Madison this year... we are going to build a gingerbread house every year. 

This year I learned ...

1.  It takes about 5 hours to actually get the house ready for child to decorate... no really it does.  I wish someone had warned me.
2.  Don't tell child that you have a gingerbread house to decorate until you have built said house.
3.  If you tell them before the house it built and they see the box they WILL pitch a fit to work on the house.
4. The child will place a piece of candy on the house and then place a piece of candy in their mouth.

5.  After completion of the house, child will continue to try and eat the house for days.

(I was on the couch nursing Tyler.  Madison climbed onto a chair without the booster seat and slid the gingerbread house to the chair with her booster.  She then got herself into her booster seat and began to chew on the house.  I turned around and asked her what she was doing... she said, "I eatin my house."

6.  I have a whole lotta growth to do in the gingerbread building and icing department.

Madison did a fantastic job with the candy... 

mama did a horrible job with the icing!!

I expect the year Madison turns 18 our house will look something like this...

This is a REAL gingerbread house at the Ritz Carlton in Greensboro, GA. (The exact place Carrie Underwood got married.. I'm just sayin'!)

Madison was in heaven.  I told her she could touch things with one finger.  Do you know how much damage a two year old can do with one finger?  I didn't.. but I do now!! 

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