Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday...

to me! ... "NO MEEEEE" ... (as Madison would say..)  We had a just a tiny argument this morning and she finally gave in and agreed it was mine.

It's rare that I have my picture taken with my babies.. so I'm posting two...

AND I'm THIRTY THREE.  As my dad put it this morning.. "I can't believe you are thirty three."  Neither can I! 

Today started out a little crazy.  My phone rang at 6:00 a.m.  My sister's ring was blaring in my ear and Jason was two seconds from walking out the door... "Why is your sister calling?"  "I DON'T KNOW!"  I picked up the phone half asleep and got a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" in my ear!!  (We always try to be the first to call each other on birthdays.)  She won for sure.  It helps that it was 7:00 her time.  I guess I'll have to set my alarm for the middle of the night next year.

Madison had her school party and all before 8:30 a.m. I had to have kids dressed, muffins made, lunches packed, presents wrapped, and everyone in the car.  I love that at 8:15 I was on the phone and realized that I had yet to dress either child.  Yikes!  In the process Madison stole Tyler's toy.  He started to cry and I asked her to hand it back to him.. she said.. "Aweee Mom.. (in a really sweet voice) I'll give Tyler my shoe.. he likes that better..." 

My MIL called as I was pulling my rig out of the garage... I started to drive down the street when I heard and then saw my belongings in the rear view mirror scattering about the road.  I put the car in park right in the middle of the road and jumped out to retrieve all the items that I had sat on the roof of my car.  AWESOME.

Madison came home with "Magic Reindeer food" to leave out for Santa's reindeer of course.   I asked her if that was for Santa's reindeer?   She said no.. "it's for his goats... Santa drives goats.."  (Madison loves goats.)  This tickled me and I shared the story with my dad.. he said..."maybe she's right.. have you ever seen what pulls Santa's sleigh?  I haven't"...) HA HA HA.

The remainder of the day was busy.. but great busy.  Jason took us all out to my favorite restaurant for dinner and had a Godiva chocolate cheesecake waiting on us at home.  He always gives me three cards.. (well three since we had Madison..)

One from him.. one from the kids...

and one from the dogs..

Charli and Abbey.. What really cracks me up about this card is that is really my dogs' heads.  He took the time to put their heads on the card.  I love it.. It made me laugh...  I love to laugh.

Tomorrow we are off to try and get a Santa photo of the kids.. hopefully it goes better than this...(Not my kid on the right.. obviously)


or this...


but I doubt it! 

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