Sunday, December 19, 2010

May your days be merry and bright...

My Christmas cards are scanned in so the coloring is horrible!!  Here are the actual photos..

This one I've already posted, but I love it.  I had it printed and it's framed in my kitchen. 

Here are some other shots I took that didn't make the cut...

This was about one 'o clock in the afternoon.  Lucky for me the front of my house gets shade.  I knew she would be way too grumpy after her nap.

I took Tyler's photos in my playroom.  I grabbed a white sheet and threw it over my couch and let it spill onto the floor.  I sat him on the floor on top of it.  He had plenty of smiles for me!

I like my photos really bright.  I used my lightscoop even though I already had a good amount of light coming in.  I do wish that his pom pom stood out a little more. 

I love all his chubby rolls and I have this one framed in my living room!

Merry Christmas!

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