Thursday, December 2, 2010


He really works.  That elf.  His name is "Elfie."  I know.  You've heard it before.  Apparently every child names their Elf "Elfie."  Madison named hers "Elf."  Jason and I thought we'd be creative and call him "Elfie."  However, every friend I know with an elf of their own calls him just that! 

I've mentioned it before.  Madison usually stays dry all night and through breakfast.  It takes a lot of work, but somehow I can bribe her most mornings to go pee pee on the potty for white raisins. (AKA yogurt covered raisins.)  The morning our elf hung in the dining room chandelier she chose to go for no other reason than for him.  I stripped her down and tried to get her to sit.  She grabbed her potty and started walking to the dining room.  (Note to self.. if your child can tote her potty around she should be potty trained!)  I was like.. "where are you going?"  She ignored me and marched on.  She sat her potty down right in front of her elf and well.. went.  WHAT?!  She said.. "See this Elf?"  Seriously?

Madison has started calling Jason..."Jason."  Lord help me.  At first I thought it was funny. That was until we were flying to North Carolina and I began to wonder what people thought about our family.  I had a 6 month old strapped to "Jason's" chest and a two and a half year old in tow referring to the man of the crew by his first name.  I know I should not care, but I found myself saying.. "Madison.. that is your dad .. call him "daddy."  Then I thought that might sound weird too.  I've been told that I need to start calling Jason.. "daddy" to help her break the habit.  Uhhhh... Seriously?

This was the third attempt at Christmas card photos.  I promised her Cinderella chap stick and a sucker for this.  I put Tyler on her lap, wrapped her arms around him and said.. "hold on tight" and I backed up to take the photo.  Do you see it?  I wish I had seen it.  The pleading in Tyler's eyes.  The "seriously mom?"  You are leaving my safety up to her?  Yes.. I snapped this photo and she let go.  She decided she was done and just let go.  He fell face first into the grass.  I felt horrible.  Just horrible.

BUT I did get this...

AND this...

Madison's first Texas Christmas.  Seriously.

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