Monday, December 6, 2010

Tyler - 7 Months

I took these photos of Tyler over the weekend.  Madison was busy with Jason and I took a few minutes to take his picture because he just looked so darn cute. 

I love this age.. He smiles at anyone, but mostly me.  He sits well, but doesn't go any where and is pretty content with just hanging out in the same spot.

He laughs at his sister just because she walks into the room.  (This has only backfired once.  She usually will giggle back at him.  However, dinner was not going so well for Madison last night so she was screaming and crying.  Well Tyler thought this was a hoot and started laughing.  Madison got more upset and said.. "NO LAUGHING AT ME!!!"  (Imagine a lot of screaming with that.)  He thought that was funny too and just kept on laughing.  So I got tickled and started laughing too.  NOT the right thing to do.  I had to compose myself and go around the table to convince Madison I was not laughing at her and try and calm the situation.

This has been a big big month for Tyler.

He outgrew his swing, bumbo, playmat, and bouncy seat.   (How do I know he has outgrown his bouncy seat you might ask??....  Well it just about touches the floor when he bounces in it!

Tyler sits up well and now has TWO teeth.  His hair has also started growning again.  I am so thankful for this!!  He was really sporting an odd do.  He had a patch of hair on top and in the back.

In addition to nursing he eats three meals a day.  I just added breakfast over the weekend.

Here is Madison at seven months!  (WOW!!)

Three months on the left and of course one from today. 

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