Monday, January 31, 2011

Because part two.. (and poor baby Tyler)

Because you loved to play with the stuff in our bathroom, but daddy did not approve.  So I sent this one to him at work...

and this one.. because it was HIS toothbrush and this drove him crazy.. and made me laugh!

Because I was going to the beach with my girlfriends and left you with Nana.  You were not happy.  I was just trying to get one last photo of you on my phone to have with me!

This was our view at the beach and I wanted to show everyone at home!

Because daddy sent this to me while I was gone because I missed you so much.

Because it was 75 degrees the last few days and Tyler took his first spin in the push buggy.

and the Jeep.

Because I had just gotten my phone two years ago and we went for a walk...

Because again.. it was 50 cents!  Oh Madison, you loved that Harry! (as in Harris Teeter in NC).

Because does it get more peaceful than this?

Because Madison was sick and I wanted to show Jason we were doing fine... 

I wanted to drive Jason a little more crazy and coax him into child proofing the drawers...

because Madison was having a ball using her imagination.

Because last night Tyler got sick and had to go to the ER.

He had to have breathing treatments for Croup and it just wore him out.  (Me too).

because we wanted family to know he was doing ok.

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