Thursday, January 20, 2011

"A" is for Ant

On Tuesday night I realized that Wednesday was shaping up to be a boring day.  I'd forgotten to make an effort to get some plans together so I laid awake in bed trying to figure out what we would do.  I knew for sure two things needed to happen.  Tyler needed a good morning nap and Madison needed a long overdue haircut.  I have been working with Madison on her letters and decided I should do a little art project with her during Tyler's morning snooze.  I don't know how or why I thought this one up, but I did and thought I would share it!

I took three paper plates and cut them down into three different size circles.  I could follow the indention for the first two, but for the smallest circle I traced an oatmeal can.  I brought out red paint only and gave Madison a sponge and paintbrush and let her go to town.

I envisioned Madison painting the plates and then using the sponge to spread it around.  She painted the sponge and then stamped it onto the plate.

I pulled out glitter I had with my scrapbook stuff.  It's the best glitter and I knew a lot went a long way.  I also knew that I could only show her the amount I wanted her to use or she would want all of it and let's just say our project would be over.  So I poured a little in a Tupperware container and she insisted that she hold the container.  I told her to sprinkle it over the paint before it dried.  She choose the quick route of dumping.  (See middle plate!)  I helped her try and spread it a little.

Next I took the scrap pieces I cut out for legs and antennas.  I gave her another sponge and paintbrush and brown paint. (When I bought paint I thought to myself... who on earth paints with black.  Ugh. I have realized that I need it for a lot.. so I'll have to get some!)

While Madison napped I assembled the ant using brads I had for scrapbooking, glue, and added a little bow.  Madison thought it was WONDERFUL and couldn't wait to show Jason!  When he got home from work he asked her "what letter does ant start with?".. She gave him a nice big blank stare.  Awesome.

After I did this little project I search a favorite craft blog of mine.. Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.  (Thanks Cassie!)  I searched "the letter A" and this project popped up.  We'll have to try this one next time!

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