Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Past and Present

I've had a few random things I wanted to blog about and they all seemed totally unrelated.  I know it's a stretch, but I found a common theme.. hence the title.

PAST:  Remember the playgroup plate party?  I got the plates back before Christmas, but one of them was a gift and I didn't want to post until it was delivered..

PRESENT:  The hands are Madison's and the tiny feet in the bow are Tyler's.  (This is probably obvious!)  I love love this plate!  We gave it to Madison and Tyler's Nana and Pop for Christmas. 

This will be our Santa cookie plate...

PAST:  I bought these outfits when I was pregnant with Tyler last year.  I got the brown for Tyler and the pink for Madison.  It only went up to size 24 months so she wore hers last year...

PRESENT:  I can't believe he is already old enough to wear it. 

PAST:  This is Jason at seven months old and his awesome sister...

and this is Madison at seven months old...

 PRESENT:  And... this is Tyler...  (I think Madison looks more like Jason did.. but they both favor him a lot.  I'll have to dig out my baby photos to compare!

For Christmas my brother had an old photo of my dad framed.  This picture is a scanned image of the photo in the frame.. so quality is not very good.  PAST:  The picture was taken about fifty years ago and published in the Richmond, VA newspaper.  My dad is the adorable kid in the middle!

Dad had not seen the photo in years.  My uncle had it and sent it to my brother without telling my dad.  It was such a great gift to my dad.  Dad could name each kid in the photo.  He said this was the summer between his sixth and seventh grade in school.  It was cool for sixth grade, but not so cool for seventh.  

I think my brother looks a lot like my dad when he was young.. (this photo is scanned too.. it's sad I don't have a digital of the two of them.)

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