Saturday, January 15, 2011

Princess Madison

All you could hear this cold January morning as I parked the car was the flap of my wipers as they smeared the rain across my windshield.  I turned around to see Madison shutter with excitement.  "Are we at Avery's birday parTEE?!"  "We are here, I responded."  "Mama, is there birday cake in there?"  "Well let's go find out baby girl!" 

Madison burst through the door and screamed "hi everyboDEE.. I here!  Where's Avery?!"  Avery was already busy getting her makeup done... It was a big day.  Princess Avery was turning four!


Cinderella music was playing on a CD and Madison began looking vigorously for a TV.  NICE!  I had to explain that it was just the music.

Next she scoped out the room and found the endless supply of princess dresses. She immediately went for the biggest, puffiest, longest dress she could find.  I had to talk her down to one that would not knock her down.

As I slipped on the dress she told me that she needed her make-up done.  Like this was a normal process of her day.

The hostess took this time to quiz Madison on her favorite things for her catwalk bio.  I listened in as Madison quickly announced her favorite food was "CHICKEN!"  (Let me just say Madison would rather starve than eat chicken.)  When asked her favorite animal she shifted her eyes and said "BOO!"  The hostess asked me if this was a pet.  "Uh no..?"   She gave me a strange look and I felt compelled to tell her that Madison knows all her animals and their sounds ... even strange ones, but I refrained.  She then asked Madison what she wanted to be when she grew up and Madison screamed "MAKE-UP!"  The hostess took that to mean a make-up artist.  I took it to mean.. "let's stop with these silly questions and get on with it..."

Madison was asked to pick her nail color and she immediately reached for the brightest shade of red.  It was my turn to shutter.  Yick on my two year old.. yick!  Thankfully, she changed her mind and went with a nice bubble gum pink.

When the hostess finished her nails Madison screamed that she needed her crown and took off running.  How does she know this stuff??  She ran right to the vanity to dig out every jewel the place had.  We only wrestled for a few minutes before I mumbled something about time-out and she let go of almost all of it.

It's funny because she had no interest in wearing any of it.  She just wanted to carry it.

While all the girls were finishing up getting dressed Madison climbed the stage and claimed her thrown. 


The hostess lined all the girls up and sprinkled them with princess dust.  (They were told to close their eyes).

Now it was time for the birthday girl to take her walk...

Which meant it was time for me to pin Madison down from climbing the stage!  (I snapped this and then realized she was trying to claim all the glory!)

Well when it was finally her turn (that would be LAST.. really?  LAST?) you didn't have to ask her twice! "ME?!" she screamed.  She was on that stage before we could tell her yes.  Another mom leaned over and whispered.. "Does she get enough attention at home?!" 

...... "And Madison does not have a favorite animal, but she loves to eat chicken," the hostess announced. 

(Can you hear the Miss America music?)

Madison paraded to the end of the catwalk and took her curtsy....

... and then she posed for the paparazzi...

It was time for tea.  Avery was seated first and Madison scrambled from my death grip screaming "I wanna sit next to Avery".. and so she did.  She climbed up to find a white tea cup in front of her.  She traded it with the one on her right for one with flowers!  (They are getting a little lesson on how they must hold the cup with two hands..)

Oh yes she did.. she stuck her finger right in the cake and took a big ol' hunk of icing! I was mortified!

I think she is rubbing Avery's cheek.. and I know she is telling her to blow out her candles!

Happy Birthday Avery!!

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