Monday, February 28, 2011

So Proud

Last summer Madison was a new two year old and potty training was on my brain.  I felt some pressure to get started.  My pediatrician told me at her two year check up that "I could miss my window if I didn't get going soon."  I talked to everyone who would listen about the subject.  So naturally when I bumped into several girls at the neighborhood pool who seemed to have kids just a tad older than Madison I brought the subject up.  Most of them to my shock said that their kids were not fully potty trained until they were three.  Well let me just tell you.. in my mind I was thinking... HA.. MY child will be potty trained long before that. I mean three.. Ha ha ha!  Well.. as I've documented on my blog it's evidently not about what I want. 

We nailed the pee pee on the potty right after Christmas with few accidents.  However, the poop thing threw me and Madison for a loop.  She went from not caring that she pooped in her pants, to caring, to getting really upset about it, to holding it until she was in pain.  I took some of this blame.  Everything I read said not to make a big deal about it.  And I didn't ... at first, but as the days turned into weeks and weeks to months I began to get frustrated.  I tried candy, stickers, presents, and full on big big toys.  Nothing seemed to worked.  I then resorted to telling her that she was too big to go poop in her pants.  "Madison you are a big girl.  Do you need mommy to put diapers on you like a baby?".. To which Madison responded.. "Yes!" then turned on her heels and ran to get me a diaper.  Oh that backfired.  Not to mention I felt so bad.  I decided to back off.  I realized that when she was ready she would do it.  I cannot force her to go on the potty.  (I tried).

So let's fast forward to today.. I had a MOPS meeting and dropped her in the childcare along with her spare pull-up. I explained the potty issue and went on to my meeting.  When I went to pick her up I saw her pull up still in the cubby so I asked the lady keeping Madison.. "Oh I guess she didn't poop?".. to which Madison said.. "Yeah, I did. I pooped on the potty."  I said.. "no you didn't sweetie." And the worker said.. "YES. SHE. DID!!"  I about FELL OVER!!  "WHAT!!!!  HOW?!" She told me Madison told her she had to go.  So she put her on the potty and told her she would be back in a few minutes to give her privacy.  When she went back in Madison had gone.  "OH!" I screamed.  I've been staring at her.  Maybe that's been the problem!!  The lady said.. "well could you go if someone was staring at you?!"  Well no.. I guess not!




Pat on the back!!

We are so proud of you!!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are all winners here...

Enough about vomit, right?  I'm sorry, but apparently that is all that is going on in my house these days.  This morning I was feeding Tyler yogurt (because that is all the kid will eat), making Madison cinnamon toast (the only thing she will eat), and browning meat for dinner all at the same time. I need to add amazing multitasker to my resume.  Anyway.. once the meat was browned I realized I had browned too much.  So I whipped out my handy food saver to fresh seal half the meat and freeze it to use later.  I opened the fresh saver and OMG I about passed out.  I had not fresh sealed in about three weeks. I had used it for meat the last time too.  Apparently, I forgot to clean the juice catch trey before I put it up and lets just say it was rancid.  I swear I almost threw the whole machine away.  So in the midst of trying to clean that up as I watched the clock (did I mention this was a preschool morning??!) I heard Tyler choking.  I glanced over and saw that he was able to cough up the banana he was choking on.  OH.. and all the yogurt I had just fed him.  He was leaning over the side of his highchair because he had been busy feeding the dog Cheerios with one hand and himself bananas with the other.  (He gets his multitasking from me!)... So.. all the upchuck slid down his chin, onto his pajamas (because he refuses a bib at 9 months), down his arm, into every crevasse of his highchair, and onto the dog.   Charli (the dog) began lapping up everything that dripped off of her and on to the floor.  I stood in disbelief for a brief moment as Madison turned from "Max and Ruby" to assess the situation and screamed "MAMA!  Tyler spit out!"  Deja vous! 

I took Tyler out of the highchair and stripped off his pajamas.  I was busy cleaning the highchair when I realized Charli was helping me clean the pajamas.  This entertained Tyler, Madison (who was sitting at the bar), and Charli.  I shrugged my shoulders and continued on with my cleaning.. it was a win win for everyone.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We can't catch a break here.  Tyler had the croup and then got an ear infection from croup.  On day 10 of his antibiotics he developed a stomach virus.  I put him to bed with his belly nice and full of pink amoxicillin because he would not have a bite of dinner.  He woke me up at four a.m. vomiting.  Not just any vomit, but bright pinkish, orangeish vomit... on his white bedding... his white silk bedding.  I know most of you think that was probably a dumb purchase, but Madison never got anything on her bumpers so I figured I was safe. 

So here he is in the sink after a daytime "episode."  Not looking too sick huh?  Cell phone pic for his dad.  (LOVE LOVE LOVING my new iPhone!  Oh how did I ever live without it?)

All this stomach mess started the middle of last week.  He was fine by Saturday evening and I gave him a clean bill of health myself on Sunday.  So let's just say I was a little disturbed when on the way to preschool this morning I heard a cough followed by the sound of a waterfall in my backseat.  I glanced back to see Madison looking over at Tyler with her nose all scrunched up.  "MOM!  Tyler spit out!"  I got it.. thanks.  So I pulled into a Cracker Barrel and whipped out a bag of wipes.  After about 30 wipes I gave up.  I proceeded on to school.  My good friend walked Madison to class while I drove this home.  Oh and believe me.. it's much worse than it looks... like gotta pull apart the car seat messy.

Can we pause for a moment and discuss the cuteness of his outfit?  I bought it for $8 at Old Navy a few weeks ago.  He had outgrown a lot of 6-12 month clothes and this was a 12-18.  I smiled to myself all the way out the door at my deal.  Little did I know that we would go from 30 degree weather to 80 degree weather in a matter of days.  I've been waiting for a cold front to put it on him.. and he wore it this morning for all of 30 seconds.  Would you check this out?  I'm not sure if I'll get it on him again.  Maybe next Monday??

Here we are before our morning nap.  Tyler has taken more baths this past week than I think Madison has in her life.

Another cell phone pic.. Madison wanted to play outside.. (Jason dressed her this particular day.  That morning he said... "come on Mad, let's go get dressed."  I bit my lip to keep myself from telling him I would do it.  Looking back I think I was curious what he would come up with.  Sure enough a Singapore shirt he got her, jeans, and tennis shoes.)  Tyler was so entertained watching her play out there.  I sent this to my family and my SIL asked if Tyler had locked Mad out.. HA HA!  It'll happen one day I'm sure.

My neighbor sent me this picture today.  We've had such beautiful weather all the kids have been out playing.  We have a TON of small kids in our neighborhood.  These are just a few on our street.

Madison wore this dress to school last week. LOVE IT!

Love him!

I try to do art with Madison a few times a week.  This week we did butterflies.  I read a few books we have about butterflies and then we did our art during Tyler's morning nap. 

She finally had enough of me and would not allow one more photo.  Oh the drama!

Cute huh?!  I forgot the antennas though!

Completely random!  Did you know these existed?  Not the outlets!  But the built in childproof feature?  I didn't until recently.  We had those plastic safety plugs in every single socket and low and behold our one year old house has the built in flap!  It's the greatest thing.  No more breaking nails when trying to remove the plastic things to vacuum!


They are starting to entertain each other. 

I got to clean the whole kitchen after lunch while they played in my curtains!  I know it's hard to see her.. but  Madison is hiding...

Thankfully Tyler found her!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine X 2

Madison's preschool party was last Thursday.  I sent her to school with these for her classmates.  I whipped them up during nap time.  I use to do Stampin Up and had these love bug stamps.  They are precious!

Here is my love bug dressed for school.  I wanted some outside photos, but it was pretty cold that morning.

I think the tights just make the outfit!

Friday night Madison and Jason attended the Father/Daughter Dance at our church.  (This is also where Madison goes to preschool.)

They had dinner reservations with several other dads and daughters attending the dance.

Jason came home from the dance and asked me to guess which side Madison sat on for dinner.  He had grease stains down the side of one arm.  She kept kissing his arm and saying .. "I love you!"   I believe she was also using him as a napkin.  We are working on that... and I'm working on getting those grease stains out!

Jason is such a good daddy... a GREAT daddy.  He brought her home flowers.  She was just beside herself.

Jason took our small camera to get photos at the dance.  After he left I called him and asked him if he had the camera.  He didn't so I made him come back home for it!  (Madison and Ansley of course!)

I mean.. precious!

I love this one of Ansley and her dad...

This was a moment I didn't have a chance to set my camera up for so the quality is not great, but the photo is priceless.  Happy Valentine's Day to my sweet sweet baby... X 2.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tyler 9 months

I'm running a little behind on Tyler's 9 month post, but I have a really good excuse.  Jason traveled to Vegas for a little R&R with his buddies and I caught the flu the day he left.  Seriously.  Thank goodness for good friends is all I can say.  I managed to make sure everyone in my household got a flu shot except for myself.  THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!! .. I will be first next time.  :)  So on Tyler's actual 9 month day I was just lucky to get him fed.

Happenings with Tyler... he recovered from Croup, but didn't manage to get out of it without an ear infection.  We found out the good news at his nine month check-up.  Thankfully there were no shots involved.  I think I would have told them we'd come back another day.  Poor thing had been through enough.  He weighed almost 23 lbs.  Can you believe he dropped to the 75th percentile for weight.  Let me just tell you why....

The boy does not sit still.  No he's not crawling, but he's active.  (That paper on the table above was shredded by the time we left..)  I was attempting to hold Tyler while talking to the pediatrician (he was diving for the ground) and she stopped talking and just studied us for a moment.  She then said.. "busy little guy.. huh?"   

Yep.. he's pulling up.... and still in the 90th percentile for height!

He can also sit up.  We are battling it out at naps.  We had to lower his crib because this is how I usually find him.  I don't think he knows how to lay back down.  Well that is what I tell myself when I go get him up when I know he's not ready to get up.

Tyler had a little friend over for dinner this weekend.  We decided to bathe them together...They are three weeks apart and so stinking cute!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day so we packed up the kids and took them to a park.  I wanted to get some pictures of Tyler...  Jason and Madison fed the ducks while I photographed Tyler.  Jason said the ducks snickered at their crackers.  They wouldn't take the first bite.  Weird.. just weird.

I like the backdrop of this photos, but really he was facing the wrong way so it's a little off.

Thought this was cute..

I was having a hard time getting smiles.  He just wanted to look around because we were in a new place and there were a lot of people around.

Madison taught him her signature smile....

How big is Tyler???  SOOO BIG!  (He is raising his arms when we say that!)

Madison at nine months.  I'm sure you could figure that out between the bow and the pink.  I do think they are looking different.  They look like siblings.. but I think he looks a little more like me and Madison looks a little more like Jason.

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