Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are all winners here...

Enough about vomit, right?  I'm sorry, but apparently that is all that is going on in my house these days.  This morning I was feeding Tyler yogurt (because that is all the kid will eat), making Madison cinnamon toast (the only thing she will eat), and browning meat for dinner all at the same time. I need to add amazing multitasker to my resume.  Anyway.. once the meat was browned I realized I had browned too much.  So I whipped out my handy food saver to fresh seal half the meat and freeze it to use later.  I opened the fresh saver and OMG I about passed out.  I had not fresh sealed in about three weeks. I had used it for meat the last time too.  Apparently, I forgot to clean the juice catch trey before I put it up and lets just say it was rancid.  I swear I almost threw the whole machine away.  So in the midst of trying to clean that up as I watched the clock (did I mention this was a preschool morning??!) I heard Tyler choking.  I glanced over and saw that he was able to cough up the banana he was choking on.  OH.. and all the yogurt I had just fed him.  He was leaning over the side of his highchair because he had been busy feeding the dog Cheerios with one hand and himself bananas with the other.  (He gets his multitasking from me!)... So.. all the upchuck slid down his chin, onto his pajamas (because he refuses a bib at 9 months), down his arm, into every crevasse of his highchair, and onto the dog.   Charli (the dog) began lapping up everything that dripped off of her and on to the floor.  I stood in disbelief for a brief moment as Madison turned from "Max and Ruby" to assess the situation and screamed "MAMA!  Tyler spit out!"  Deja vous! 

I took Tyler out of the highchair and stripped off his pajamas.  I was busy cleaning the highchair when I realized Charli was helping me clean the pajamas.  This entertained Tyler, Madison (who was sitting at the bar), and Charli.  I shrugged my shoulders and continued on with my cleaning.. it was a win win for everyone.

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