Monday, February 28, 2011

So Proud

Last summer Madison was a new two year old and potty training was on my brain.  I felt some pressure to get started.  My pediatrician told me at her two year check up that "I could miss my window if I didn't get going soon."  I talked to everyone who would listen about the subject.  So naturally when I bumped into several girls at the neighborhood pool who seemed to have kids just a tad older than Madison I brought the subject up.  Most of them to my shock said that their kids were not fully potty trained until they were three.  Well let me just tell you.. in my mind I was thinking... HA.. MY child will be potty trained long before that. I mean three.. Ha ha ha!  Well.. as I've documented on my blog it's evidently not about what I want. 

We nailed the pee pee on the potty right after Christmas with few accidents.  However, the poop thing threw me and Madison for a loop.  She went from not caring that she pooped in her pants, to caring, to getting really upset about it, to holding it until she was in pain.  I took some of this blame.  Everything I read said not to make a big deal about it.  And I didn't ... at first, but as the days turned into weeks and weeks to months I began to get frustrated.  I tried candy, stickers, presents, and full on big big toys.  Nothing seemed to worked.  I then resorted to telling her that she was too big to go poop in her pants.  "Madison you are a big girl.  Do you need mommy to put diapers on you like a baby?".. To which Madison responded.. "Yes!" then turned on her heels and ran to get me a diaper.  Oh that backfired.  Not to mention I felt so bad.  I decided to back off.  I realized that when she was ready she would do it.  I cannot force her to go on the potty.  (I tried).

So let's fast forward to today.. I had a MOPS meeting and dropped her in the childcare along with her spare pull-up. I explained the potty issue and went on to my meeting.  When I went to pick her up I saw her pull up still in the cubby so I asked the lady keeping Madison.. "Oh I guess she didn't poop?".. to which Madison said.. "Yeah, I did. I pooped on the potty."  I said.. "no you didn't sweetie." And the worker said.. "YES. SHE. DID!!"  I about FELL OVER!!  "WHAT!!!!  HOW?!" She told me Madison told her she had to go.  So she put her on the potty and told her she would be back in a few minutes to give her privacy.  When she went back in Madison had gone.  "OH!" I screamed.  I've been staring at her.  Maybe that's been the problem!!  The lady said.. "well could you go if someone was staring at you?!"  Well no.. I guess not!




Pat on the back!!

We are so proud of you!!

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