Thursday, February 3, 2011

Walking in the Walker

Oh my goodness it was beautiful and warm here last week.  Emphasis on "WAS."  I had the kids out in the yard and was attempting to capture them in the shade of our house during peak sun.. not easy!

I heart this dinosaur shirt.  (Mini Boden).  I was so nervous about finding boy clothes when I found out Tyler was in fact a boy.  However, I have to admit I'm kinda enjoying it.

I asked Madison to take a picture with Tyler.. she ran over and basically jumped on him.  I didn't even have time to set up.  I knew I better just click the button.  Good thing because she popped up and went on about her business.  I had to peel Tyler out of the grass.

Tyler got croup the next day... Now he's for sure on the mend.  He is loving his borrowed walker and saved our sanity around here while he was sick.  (Can't you just tell he's sick here?)

He's not crawling, but oh my he is speed walking in the walker. My friend warned me he would get good fast. 



I can't keep Tyler out of my plants.  It's the first thing he goes for every time we put him in the walker.

Tyler... what are you doing?????

Little Stinker...  This particular plant has been knocked over more times than I can count.  I came home after we had a sitter and could tell he'd given her a run for her money with the plant too.  There was dirt evidence.

Oh yes.. we have borrowed one for outside too... 

I think Tyler could have starred in this commercial.  I LOVE it and this song!  Enjoy!

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