Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cell phone camera and new camera...

Tyler is big enough to share the cart with Madison.  I am very lucky that Jason takes the kids grocery shopping most of the time.  The few times I have gone alone I carried Tyler in my Beco and Madison rode in the cart.  This time Tyler was able to get in with her and he LOVED it!  They both received a Mum Mum and helped me steer the buggy.  (There are two sizes of these buggy's in case you didn't know.. XXL and XXXL.  I cannot physically steer the larger one.  This one has a smaller basket in front and you just have to be strategic in utilizing all the space!!)

We spent a lot of time outside in the beautiful sun!  Tyler loves to chase Madison down the street.  I'm sure we are quite a scene.  Madison running, while Tyler screams and giggles behind her, while I'm running behind the two of them to make sure no one ends up in the street.

Tyler LOVES our swing in the backyard.  He just laughs and laughs.  You can hear me telling Madison to get out of the way.  So in the second video when she is taking a turn pushing him she is telling me to get out of the way!  My little mama!

While we were outside one afternoon Madison stole my phone and started snapping photos of herself on accident.  I thought these were hysterical!  (Cross eyed.. one eyed.. )

I love to go in and check on Tyler while he is down for his afternoon nap.  I had my phone on me and snapped this.  He just looked so sweet and peaceful sleeping up on his bunny.

Madison had her six month dental check up.  She LOVES going to the dentist.  She loves the fish tank in the waiting area and the movies playing all over and the cool sunglasses and the stickers and the toys and the people.. oh how she loves the people!  (I'm sure all the attention has a lot to do with it too!) 

I let her hold her bag of dental goodies on the ride home.  Madison sits on the passenger side of my enormous car and I cannot reach her.  It's days like this I really wish I could..

That was her entire roll of dental floss.  I asked her what she was doing and she said.."LASSO!!" as she threw her line of floss at me.

So Tyler on the move = disaster in my house.  I tend to go a little overboard on cleaning.  Just the other day I was vacuuming my laundry room when I opened the door to the garage to get the entryway.  Next thing I know I am in my garage vacuuming.  I just couldn't help myself.  So you can only imagine how this is killing me.

Tyler knocked over a plant.  While I was cleaning that up he flipped over the dog water bowl (for the 100th time).  While I was mopping that up he knocked over the bar stool.  I am so thankful he didn't get hurt on that one.  It fell so he ended up sitting in the middle of the rungs.  Scared me to death.  Madison never crawled.. she scooted and she just never got into much.  I think this may be a new challenge for me!

Speaking of on the move.. have you seen these?

Madison is on the verge of letting herself out of the house.  We need to prevent that one for sure!  Jason told me he wanted one of those chains for the front door.  I laughed.  I just thought it would look not so nice.  Our neighbor had this and I approved!  You only have to screw it in on one side of the door and it works wonderfully!

I'm on the move too!  I ran the Capitol 10K this morning.  I've run all my live, but never an actual race!  My girlfriends and I have been training for several months.  I finished in 1 hour and 1 minute! 

Can you spot the banana?!

I took this while running.  Talent I'll tell ya!  That would be the capitol!

Tyler's had a few baths in the sink this week.  Mostly for fun because I did it all the time with Madison when she was a baby.  I love that you can really see his dimples here!

This is Madison on the left at 15 months and Tyler on the right now at 10 1/2 months!

Lastly.. (whew! I'm outta breath.. I didn't realize I had so much to say!).. I got a new camera!  I've only had a chance to take a few shots with it.  I can tell though we are going to be good friends!

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