Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Madison is such a daddy's girl.  Nine times out of ten when I get her up in the morning the first thing she says to me is .. "Mama is my daddy here?"  "No sweet girl, sorry.. daddy's at work."  Madison is Jason's shadow around the house so it was no surpised when Jason needed to change air filters and hang a picture for me she wanted to "help."

She followed him around and dragged her stool with her.

Last Thursday was cowboy day at Madison's school.  It is a day where daddys go and have lunch with their kids.  Madison got decked out in her cowboy attire and I told her I needed to take some picures for daddy.

She knew daddy would be at school to have lunch with her.  I was a little bummed mommys were not invited.

Apparently the brownies were yummy

and the company was...


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