Friday, March 18, 2011

My Lucky Charms

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Maddie, my niece, who turned six!!  My insane sister went skydiving over this past weekend.  She went to support her husband for his birthday.. which was the day after Maddie's.  Somehow Jennie ended up doing the skydiving.  Jennie and I are a lot alike and I swear this is not something I thought she would do.  Nor did she.  But....

she did! 

This would be my nephew, Austin.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM TOO!  He turned four on St. Patrick's Day!  (If you didn't already see a pattern here... Jennie would be the odd man out on birthdays in her family.)

I laugh every time I look at these photos.  He was waiting for his mama to land.  Let's just say Austin is not a rule follower.  (I did not take these photos, but stole them off my sister's facebook page.  I wish I could have been there!)

Okay.. so back to Texas.

Madison and I started off the morning with a little St. Patrick's Day learning.  She helped the leprechaun find his pot of gold.

Matched and counted up her Lucky Charm marshmallows.... she ate all of them too and not one piece of the cereal.  Go figure.  (The lesson was pulled from this great blog. - Thanks Ange!)

We made cookies with a few friends over the week!

Made our way to the park for a picnic with our buddies.. and this guy!

This photo is horribly out of focus, but so cute!  Did I mention Tyler is crawling?  Well he is.  I must admit.. I like it.  I don't have to take him where he wants to go anymore.  We are all a lot happier!  Except for when I'm trying to take a picture.

Everyone found treasures...

Madison had a nut in her pocket.  She told my friend Heather that it was going to turn into a beautiful butterfly!

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