Monday, March 7, 2011

Tyler - 10 Months

Tyler you are ten months old.  You are still doing that sweet nose scrunching smile.  I'm hearing a lot that you look like your uncle Mack.  I love hearing that!  To me that means there has to be some of me in there! :)

You have a mean addiction to yogurt melts.  When I pull out the bag your body starts shaking and you kick your arms and legs.  In fact, you refuse to take a bite of any meal before you have any on your tray.  If I don't put them on your tray you cry and cry and turn your head when I come at you with a spoon of baby food.  As long as there are a few on the tray you will start eating!!

You still love your walker.  You follow me around in it as I sweep, do dishes and laundry.  I trip over you all the time. You run into my heels when I stop walking!  I've had to move furniture around in our living room.  You start running in your walker with your arms raised straight above your head.  Once you get a good momentum you lift up your feet and slam into my walls, antique chairs, or side tables. You laugh and laugh and laugh. It's just so darn cute I laugh too!

You are all boy.  This photo makes me smile.  Here I've got you in the sweeetest outfit and you look all ruff and tough!

You also know how to tell me when enough is enough. You like for your mama to hold you. You willl play on the floor happily as long as I'm in your sight. I would love to say you are easy going.. you are as long as I'm holding you! That is fine by me because I know it won't be long when you won't let me hold you. You hate it when I put you to bed. I think you would let me rock and sing to you for hours.

I want to bottle you up right now.  I love this age. I. LOVE. IT.

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