Monday, April 25, 2011

I call this post.."Easter"

I'm starting my "Easter" post with this picture.  I got a new lens.  The 35mm and I heart it very much.  I would have only gotten Madison's face with my 50mm.  That is not a bad thing, just not always the "thing" I'm going for...  This picture is pretty much life in the morning at my house.  I'm usually in the kitchen shoveling yogurt into Tyler's mouth while Madison sits at the table or at the kitchen counter watching her latest favorite show.

That very same morning we did day two of our resurrection eggs and then a chick craft for Easter.  Let me say this sticker craft was tough and I should have let her just stick stickers where she pleased, but my OCD got the best of me.... and honestly she was not that into it.  I was working on that other chick when I looked up and saw that she had taken the "Jesus Cup" as she called it from the day two egg and put it in the chicks hand.  She was quite pleased with herself.

I was quite pleased with my stick chicks.

We had such a fun week.  Not only did Madison turn three, but we had all kinds of activities planned to celebrate Easter!  We dyed eggs.  I learned that you need an entire roll of paper towels when allowing a three year old to.. have at it!

We had a big big Easter egg hunt with my MOMS group.  Do you notice anything new about Ansley (aside from the adorable shirt her mom MADE?! )

No?  Well how about now?  Yes.. poor Ansley broke her foot and is in a cast!  Her mama knocked her over with her buggy at the grocery store.  UGH.. That so could have been me.  We all laugh now, but I know it wasn't funny at the time.

On your mark... get set...


The girls with their loot!

It was SUCH a WINDY day!!!

They had a petting zoo too.. Madison barrelled her way through the crowd and was one of the first to go in.  I followed behind.  I usually send Jason in with her, but he was working from home so Tyler could get his morning nap.  Madison chased and chased a poor bunny through the pin.  She started screaming because she was so frustrated.  She just wanted to hold him/her.  I finally sat her down and brought the bunny to her.  She sat there and held that bunny until he finally freed himself from her grasp... and Madison... cried.

I snapped this picture that evening.. I love it.

Madison sat out carrots for the Easter bunny Saturday night.

Sunday morning we attended the EARLY service at church.  I had to explain to Madison that the Easter Bunny had a very long night and was running behind.  He called to tell me that he would deliver their Easter baskets while we were at church.  Madison was looking for that bunny the whole way to church.  She kept telling us that she wanted to hold him!!! 

How precious are my two bunnies?

This was the ONLY family picture I got that day... Tyler was mesmerized by the fountain.

When we got home from church Madison headed straight for the kitchen table.. she was thrilled to see that the bunny had eaten her carrots.

and thrilled to find their baskets...

Jason and I were talking and watching Tyler.. the next thing we knew my girl had ripped open her chocolate bunny and was going to town.

The bunny brought the kids place mats, silverware and plates.  Jason was ready to put the chocolate bunny away... I told him to let her be!  It's Easter!!

While Tyler napped Madison helped me make deviled eggs with her dyed eggs...

Very proud!!

If you can't tell we had a fantastic holiday week!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


is AMAZING!  I have to be honest.. I loved one, two and now three. Not a huge fan of the half birthdays.  18 months, 2 1/2, and I've heard 3 1/2 is I'll focus now on three.  Madison has overcome her hitting stage.  I was in tears less than six months ago because I found out she and her BFF Ansley were beating each other up at school.  Ansley's mom and I were called into a conference because it had gotten so out of control that apparently in their "scuffles" they were taking out other kids.  I can seriously laugh out loud about this now... now that we are past it, but I was in tears for days!  Ansley's mom and I chalked it up to the fact that they are together so much (because we are such good friends) and that they are a lot alike.  Anyway... three is great because she is over hitting other kids.  (She would beat them into submission.  HA HA HA.. I'm kidding... sort of).  Now she is just so sweet.  Like the morning of her birthday.. I made her muffins and put a candle in it...

Madison said.. "thank you so much mama for my wonderful breakfast."  She really appreciates things and is amazing at verbalizing it.  (She has gotten really good at verbalizing not wanting Tyler to touch her things.  BUT she is quick to get him a toy of his own.)

She is much more accommodating for my photo sessions too!  She was so proud of this card her Great Aunt Penny sent her..

And y'all.. I love this photo because this is a look she gives me all the time.. just pure happiness in those eyes.  She talks with them I swear!

"Work it Madison, work it!"  I sing it to her all the time to get her to dance for me.  She started singing it to me yesterday as the theme song to "Go Diego Go" was blaring from the TV.  "Work it Mama, work it!"  (Maybe I should come up with a different phrase!  She begs me to turn that show on just so she can run around singing and dancing "GO DIEGO GO!!" 

Her birthday landed on a school day.  I was thrilled she could celebrate the actual day at school.  I made cake pops again this year.  You just can't beat the taste and adorableness!! 

I left my point and shoot with her teacher so she could take photos for me.

She shared her birthday with a little boy in her class.  Too stinking cute!

Madison says the funniest things.  I'm always curious to hear what she is going to say next.  When I got her up from her nap on her birthday she said.. "Mama.. I grew just a little bit while I was sleeping."  I swear I started crying because a part of me believed her.

Madison's dad... is the L-O-V-E of her life.  That man walks on water.  I am so thankful they have such a special relationship.  Jason stopped at the store on his way home to pick up flowers for her.

Y'all.. they had glitter on them...

His pedestal got just a little higher.

I LOVE this picture.. she is awaiting the arrival of her cupcake and we are singing "Happy Birthday" to her...

We then brought out her gift...

We got her a "RODY PONY!"  She adores this thing.  He goes everywhere with her.  She and Tyler (see him behind the curtain??) love to stand and look out the window.  I swear she did this herself.

and... he went potty with her today.  We are still struggling with the poop thing so I pulled out the potty for her to sit on while she watched "GO DIEGO GO!"  Before she sat down she grabbed RODY PONY which she has named "Bunny" to sit next to her.  I couldn't resist snapping this photo.

To Madison:  I want to bottle you up at three and save you forever.  You are so sweet and funny and full of personality.  You are beautiful on the inside and outside.  You adore your dad, your brother and your mama.  You love to run, your friends.. you love to laugh and I love that about you.  You love to help me do everything.. clean, cook, change Tyler's diaper...  You love art, books and Tinkerbell!!  You still take a good two hour nap and sleep 12 hours at night.  You love to kiss to your brother and make him laugh.  I'm so excited to watch you grow, but so sad to watch you grow.  I am so thankful God gave me you.

Happy... happy third birthday baby girl.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Madison's Birthday Eve

Madison turns three tomorrow.  THREE!!  We have playgroup every Monday.  I hosted this week on purpose.  Since Tyler's birthday is only three weeks after Madison, I am holding a joint party for them this year.  Their party is still a few weeks out so I planned a fun play date with all her buddies.

(She is a mess because she had just eaten dirt cake.. we'll get to that in a minute!)

As the kids arrived they played in Madison's new "jumpy."  We bought it from a neighbor for a steal!  I may be more excited about it than Madison!

I love that Madison has a spring birthday.  There is so many fun activities you can do for spring and outside.  I came up with the idea several months ago to have the kids paint flower pots.  Jason ran to Home Depot for me yesterday and picked up the tiny clay pots.  Perfect for tiny hands.  We used WASHABLE poster paint. 

We put the pots off to the side to dry and cleaned everyone up for snacks.  I found these silicone pots in the Easter aisle at Hobby Lobby.  You can use them to bake in the oven.  I opted to make Dirt Cake instead.  I found green plastic spoons and used my Stampin Up punches to make the flowers.  I just taped them to the spoon.  I really think they turned out ADORABLE if I do say so myself!

Some of the kids were hesitant to eat them at first.  I don't blame them.  The crumbled oreos really do look like dirt!  My child did not hesitate.

After snacks the pots were nice and dry.  I somehow found myself holding my friend's three week old baby.  I always joke that I have no interest in holding anyone else's baby.  I mean I've got my own and I get my fill with them.  HA HA!  BUT there is something about a newborn. 

So anyway... my friend Emily helped the kids fill their pots with dirt and seeds since I had my hands wonderfully full.

... and they stuck a puffy flower sticker on a Popsicle stick in the soil.  I couldn't send them home without a flower in their pot. :)  I'm so excited to watch Madison watch her seeds grow.

So I'm going through my  post and I realize I'm missing Ava.  Where is Ava?  Let me tell you.. girlfriend was on the swing the entire day!  That girl is obsessed.  It was cracking us all up. We all took turns pushing her.

This photo cracks me up.  Here I am holding sweet Bennett.. (If you want to see some amazing photos check out his mom's blog!!) and showing Leslie how she should push Ava in the swing.  Ava is in her own world having a BALL!

Oh and Tyler!! He napped like a champ the entire play date!!

So Madison played with him after everyone left.

Thanks everyone for helping celebrate Madison's birthday eve!

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