Monday, April 11, 2011

I like to party all the time...

This weekend was full of birthday parties. I have to say I'm a little sad that my kids' social calendar is busier than mine.

Tyler's buddy, Charlie, turned one.. I loved his nautical theme.  (I also love that I captured the cake with a beer bottle in the background!)

The usual suspects where there to celebrate.  (Charlie, Tyler, and Megan).

As usual it was tough for me to get a picture of all three crawling babies. 

How cute are Megan and Tyler with their coordinating outfits?!

This was about as still as I could get Madison for a picture.  Sugar and BFFs make for a busy girl!

Party number two....

Ellie turned one too!

Her party was bunny themed which was just adorable!

We had a great time celebrating huge milestones with some of my favorite people!  Happy Birthday babies!

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