Monday, April 4, 2011


Pioneer Woman did a post recently about Instagram.  I had never heard of it until then.  I just so happen to own an IPhone and love photography so I immediately downloaded the application.  It's FREE!  It's like have your own photoshop right inside your phone!

This was my first attempt at using it... Tyler was in his highchair playing with a mandrian orange container.  (He did not eat them.  He only squished them between his fingers and made one big giant mess.  It will be a cold day before we try those again.)  A rather boring shot until I applied the instagram photoshop and presto.. a really interesting photo!

Love this!

Madison's cousins came for a visit over the weekend.  She adores them!  She wanted Alston, who is seven, to sit with her.  He was not too keen on the idea, but since he is seven and she is almost three his mom made him.  I giggled at this and let me tell you.. so did Madison.  Alston only rolled his eyes once and drug himself to the chair.  Madison insisted they cover up and she proceeded to terrorize him.  He didn't seem to mind too much. :)

We made a two hour treck to SeaWorld.  Thankfully, Tyler fell asleep.  We managed to fit four adults and four kids all needing a carseat in one car. 

I snapped another shot of Tyler as we were leaving SeaWorld.  Let's just say he was out of it exhausted.

Madison and "Shampoo".. AKA "Shamu"

I snapped this after church yesterday because I thought he looked so darn cute in this hand-me-down from his cousins.

Jason bought Madison this hat off the dollar aisle at Target.. Stunning, right?  I hope so because she won't take it off.  (Thanks Honey!)

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