Monday, April 18, 2011

Madison's Birthday Eve

Madison turns three tomorrow.  THREE!!  We have playgroup every Monday.  I hosted this week on purpose.  Since Tyler's birthday is only three weeks after Madison, I am holding a joint party for them this year.  Their party is still a few weeks out so I planned a fun play date with all her buddies.

(She is a mess because she had just eaten dirt cake.. we'll get to that in a minute!)

As the kids arrived they played in Madison's new "jumpy."  We bought it from a neighbor for a steal!  I may be more excited about it than Madison!

I love that Madison has a spring birthday.  There is so many fun activities you can do for spring and outside.  I came up with the idea several months ago to have the kids paint flower pots.  Jason ran to Home Depot for me yesterday and picked up the tiny clay pots.  Perfect for tiny hands.  We used WASHABLE poster paint. 

We put the pots off to the side to dry and cleaned everyone up for snacks.  I found these silicone pots in the Easter aisle at Hobby Lobby.  You can use them to bake in the oven.  I opted to make Dirt Cake instead.  I found green plastic spoons and used my Stampin Up punches to make the flowers.  I just taped them to the spoon.  I really think they turned out ADORABLE if I do say so myself!

Some of the kids were hesitant to eat them at first.  I don't blame them.  The crumbled oreos really do look like dirt!  My child did not hesitate.

After snacks the pots were nice and dry.  I somehow found myself holding my friend's three week old baby.  I always joke that I have no interest in holding anyone else's baby.  I mean I've got my own and I get my fill with them.  HA HA!  BUT there is something about a newborn. 

So anyway... my friend Emily helped the kids fill their pots with dirt and seeds since I had my hands wonderfully full.

... and they stuck a puffy flower sticker on a Popsicle stick in the soil.  I couldn't send them home without a flower in their pot. :)  I'm so excited to watch Madison watch her seeds grow.

So I'm going through my  post and I realize I'm missing Ava.  Where is Ava?  Let me tell you.. girlfriend was on the swing the entire day!  That girl is obsessed.  It was cracking us all up. We all took turns pushing her.

This photo cracks me up.  Here I am holding sweet Bennett.. (If you want to see some amazing photos check out his mom's blog!!) and showing Leslie how she should push Ava in the swing.  Ava is in her own world having a BALL!

Oh and Tyler!! He napped like a champ the entire play date!!

So Madison played with him after everyone left.

Thanks everyone for helping celebrate Madison's birthday eve!

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