Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tyler - Eleven Months

Dear Tyler,

You are eleven months old.  I am so mesmerized by you.   I love to watch you study things.  Everything is so exciting to you right now.  Pots, pans, bugs, leaves, a jar of spaghetti sauce.... and anything Madison is playing with.

You love to make us laugh.  If you catch us giggling at something you do, you will repeat it over and over and laugh along with us. 

This month you worked on your crawling skills.  You are speedy and strong.  I have a hard time catching up with you.  I also have a hard time escaping you! This morning I had to take Madison potty.  You used to just sit and hang out on the floor.  This morning you wanted to play in the potty!  No we can't have that so I backed you up to the hallway and before I could sit Madison on the potty you had climbed over and up again!  I had to carry you into the living room and then race to help her finish up before your arrival!! 

You love to follow Madison around.  You are so curious to see what she is up to. 

You use to just sit and study her.

Now you want in on the action.  This makes her laugh and cry depending on the circumstance.

Madison is almost three and has lots of fun small toys you like to sample.  It has become a challenge to keep these things out of your reach.  I have to tell you.. I'm about ready to throw out all of her strawberry shortcake nick knacks!  I have fished one too many out of your mouth.  Oh and don't get me started on the door stoppers! 

The power has once again shifted in our house when it comes to the dogs.  They use to be under my reign.  I lost power back in 2009 when Madison began feeding them her scraps.  Madison gave up her throne when she succumbed to the power of time out.  I'm sure you will learn one day too.  However, in the meantime you are the ruler of the dogs.

You have learned to pull up this month.  This is scary because you aren't very good at staying up.  You are currently sporting a bruise in the middle of your forehead from a fall a few days ago.  Sometimes you are just to fast for me. 

OH! I almost forgot! You love to bite. You will crawl toward us as fast as you can. You greet us by sinking your teeth into whatever you reach first. If Madison sees you coming at her in this fashion she takes off running in terror screaming "Tyler no bite me!!" Not good Tyler .. not good. I really hope this passes!

The countdown is on to your first birthday.  I'm looking forward to celebrating that day, but I'm so sad to leave your infancy behind.  Tyler.. at eleven months old, do you know what you love to say?  Mama.  That just melts my heart.


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