Thursday, May 26, 2011

I need to have my license taken away...

I JUST CAN'T MAKE THIS UP!  I wish it weren't true.  I wish I could say I was trying to avoid hitting a small child or even our dog, but I can't.  I'm just going to say it.  I have a Sequoia.  A new one... so it's big.  Not just big, but big big... and WIDE.  My garage was built for two cars.  Two CARS!!! Not a freaking tank!  I have just inches to work with on either side pulling in and out.  That is AFTER I manually fold the mirrors in.. every time.  I also have to park on the left side of the garage for various reasons.  So when I pull into the garage I try to cut the car to the right so I can GET OUT!!!  May I also mention that I have to get Tyler out of the seat behind me? UGH!  So I was carefully monitoring the mirror I mangled yesterday when WHAM I smacked the side of the car.  How does this happen? I finish pulling out and jump out of the car all the while Madison is yelling at me to come and pick up a rubber duck she dropped.  I call Jason and he answers.  I just start crying.. and yelling and saying "I DID IT AGAIN!!!"  "I'M SO OVER THIS!"  I'm causing this scene in my driveway all the while I run back to Madison's seat to retrieve the duck.  (She was creating an even bigger scene if you can believe it.)  I always try to seem "together" when I'm around my kids, but I for sure lost it.  She begins to kiss my arm and tell me that it's okay.  AND would you believe that my husband is laughing on the other end??  Laughing... He gets my picture of the car and responds with "no big deal.. I can buff that out."  A saint I tell you... 

This is what I feel like every day!

For the record here is a list of all the accidents I have caused with a car in my LIFE..

1. In highschool I hit a tree (my windows were iced over except for a small circle in my driving view.  I was on a dirt road and was just wondering to myself if I was still on the road when WHAM I hit a tree.. I was not on the road.)

2.  Two weeks after incident number one I backed out of my garage with my back door open and took it off.   It bent all the way back. 

3.  In college I hit a deer.  Totally not my fault.

4.  I hit a concrete pillar in my apartment complex in Atlanta right after I graduated college pulling out of my parking spot.

5.  I hit one of those gas station pillars by the tank...

6.  My garage over and over and over

see a trend?  I don't.

This is my son today in action (the blurriness should give that away).. He did this all himself and proceeded to crawl around like this.. very happily 

I stopped nursing him just a week after he turned one.. Now I'm trying to ween him off the bottle. Could he be any sweeter drinking it?

Hope your day was better than mine.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My First Haircut - Tyler

Dear Mama,

What were you thinking?  My first haircut seriously needed to be a magical event for just the two of us.  You brought Madison along and sometimes I think you forget she is new to three and still needs to be monitored.  I am really glad you brought along Mrs. Ange and her kids.  Not sure we would have made it out of there without a complete meltdown if Avery and AJ weren't there to entertain us.  (Oh and you might want to start remembering my shoes.  My knees and feet were black by the time we left that place. Geeze.) 

By the way mama.. Madison's haircut is not straight.  I wonder if that kid ever sits still. 

My before photo...  You can't really tell I even needed a haircut.  I know I did though.. my hair was starting to catch on my collar and had great potential of turning into a mullet. 

I love how you told the hair stylist that you wanted my "cut" to look like "reverse growth."  I think we both gave you a funny look.  "HUH?"  I know.. you just didn't want me to look like I had gotten my haircut.  You wanted it to look the same, but shorter.  I am still a baby after all.. I get you mom.

I love my "after."  I'm still your sweet baby boy.



Mama - you really might want to look in to getting a smaller car or a bigger garage.  Neither is faring well with your driving skills these days...

You and daddy crack me up....

e-mail to daddy with this picture attached:

Mama: "Hit Garage...again"

Daddy:  "great"

Mama: "Ugh, my car is all beat up from the freaking garage"

Daddy: "Not the garage... your driving in the garage.. it doesn't move"

Don't worry mom.. I don't think he's funny either.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Three is the New Two

I've decided that three is tougher than two!  Terrible twos?  HA HA!  Madison has a mind of her own and developed an attitude to go with it.  She is as sweet as she is sour.  Have you seen those Sour Patch Kids commercials?

She can turn it off as quick as she turned it on.  On Mothers Day Jason decided to take me and the kids out to breakfast.  Madison ran into my room and yelled "Happy Mothers Day!" with a giant sweet smile on her face.  I told her we needed to get dressed to go out to eat.. then it began.  Our new morning routine.  She burst into tears and said, "I don't wanna get dressed.."  "Well Madison, we need to put clothes on to go eat breakfast!"  She ran out of the room.. "NO!!!"  I followed her and gave her an option.  "You can get dressed or you can go to time out.  It's your choice."  So she informed me that she would do it herself.  She wanted to dress herself so I pulled out an easy outfit, but she didn't want to wear underwear.  She wanted to wear her plaid shoes with her striped outfit and do it herself.  She wanted me to put her in the car and not Jason.  She didn't want to hold any one's hand across the parking lot.  She didn't want to sit in a booster.  She didn't want to sit by mom she wanted to sit by dad.  She wanted my muffin.  Not just a piece, but the whole thing.  She wanted my yogurt.  Not a bite or a small bowl of her own, but the whole thing.  She didn't want to share her eggs with Tyler.  Oh and be sure to insert tears and crying with each demand.  (.. and for the record, I only gave into the shoe and seating requests!)

Every evening around 5 p.m. she becomes extra pleasant!  She's tired and hungry and I get that.  She will cry at the drop of a hat and will whine for milk or her show or dinner.  I usually say, "Madison, make your voice match mommy's and I'll be glad to help you."  She replies with, "Stop saying make my voice match YOURS!"

I caught her giving Jason a little 'tude the other night.  She was basically telling him to stop telling her what to do. 

For every sour fit there is a sweet.  At breakfast when she wanted my yogurt she first whined for it. Then stopped, flashed a smile, held up her milk and said, "here mom, you can have my milk and I can have your yogurt!"  She always wants what Tyler is playing with.  I tell her not to take his toy.  When I turn my back she snatches it and then exclaims, "AH MOM!  Look!  Tyler is sharing with me.. he's so sweet!"

A friend dropped off a birthday gift for her last night.  When Madison woke up this morning she saw it from the stairs.  She ran downstairs to open it while I stayed upstairs to dress Tyler.  She was all excited and talked to me about the "BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS" on the wrapping paper.  I could hear her ripping through the paper and all of a sudden she said, "OH. MY. GOSHHH!!!"  I said "What is is Madison?!!"  "MAMA!  It's a BOX!!"  I started laughing and asked her if she thought there might be something inside. "Well.. Maybe!"  She opened it up and said .."MOM!  It's a blanket to keep me nice and snugly!"  Oh that girl makes my heart skip a beat. 

I'm reading "Love and Logic" and putting it into action.  (That is where I got the whole make your voice match mine.)  I really think the book makes a lot of sense and so far it's working!  Three seems to be a little more challenging than two, but honestly I am really enjoying this age.  Her little personality is just shining through.  Her sweet makes up for the sour!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

One Year Old and Three Year Old Photos...

When I upgraded my camera this last time I made a promise to try and take my own photos instead of paying a professional.  I usually agonize over clothing before we meet with a pro for weeks and maybe just maybe months.  However, I got to leave everything else up to them.  The where, the when, the props, the worry over making my child smile...

(I did manage to snap this sweet photo at the first location.)

Since both kids just celebrated a birthday I knew I had to set a picture date with Jason and stick with it or we would always find a reason to "reschedule."  So on our set date, he quickly became my assistant without applying for the job and got the wrath of my stress!  I had a vision in my head... We drove to what I thought would be a great location.  Turns out the field was way too open with winds whipping us about, the grass was ugly, and there was a kids birthday party going on complete with a pony and jump house.  Madison wanted to crash that party and I wanted to cry.  It was 7 p.m. and the sun was sinking fast.  Jason quickly thought of another location before I fell apart and corralled us and all my props back into the car.  We raced to the second location as Tyler screamed in the back seat.  We were approaching bedtime. 

We pulled up on this little spot around 7:30.  I basically threw kids out of the car as Jason unloaded my props. 

I just started snapping away some photos of Tyler.  He was my priority because I know he'll change so much even in just a few weeks.  Madison has lived with the paparazzi and I knew I could put photos of her off a little longer.

Prop number one was a favorite...

I made Jason run to party city for these.. I waited in the car with the kids while Jason waited in the store for 20 minutes.  I don't think either of us enjoyed it.  I should have called ahead!

Totally worth the wait.. The balloons provided sweet smiles from my tired baby!

I paused for a brief moment to switch lenses.  I swear I was sweating as I race against the clock.. both for light and attitude.  I shouted orders at my assistant.. "Don't let him fall off that horse!!.. Get Madison's tutu on.. DON'T forget her bloomers...Keep her happy.. HE'S eating ROCKS!!!  MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!"

"Okay.. let's try and get a few of Madison."  And Madison says... "what's in it for me?"  Okay.. not really, but she said "NO!"  So I said.. "how about an M&M?"  My assistant pipes in with promises of suckers or anything else she might want.  (I'm thinking he just doesn't want there to be a second day of photo taking...)

"One more sweet girl and we'll be all finished!"

I have to say it's a lot easier to just worry about clothing and not the whole kaboodle!  However, I had a lot of fun and I was really excited about some of these photos.  A special thanks to my assistant!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Barnyard Birthday Party!!!

Since Madison and Tylers' birthdays are just 2 weeks apart I decided to have one big party for both of them.  Madison was fine with this as soon as I told her she would have three candles to blow out and poor Tyler would only get one! 

I'm a planner.  I decided last August that I would get a petting zoo and booked them then.  I think the owner thought I was a little crazy, but I knew April would be a hopping time to have those farm animals.  Well ever since August I have been thinking about how to set this party up.  I prayed for nice weather and thankfully we got it!

After searching blogs I found this adorable barnyard themed party.  She gave a tutorial on the tablecloth and since I have so much spare time (HA HA) I figured I would whip it up!!  (I'm just a little crazy!).  In all honesty it was not that bad.  It had been so long since I had pulled out my sewing machine I literally had to watch a video on the Internet on "how to load a bobbin!"  SO.. if I can do it.. so can you!

Instead of using black fabric for the cow I chose a black gingham.

I made Bakerella's pig pops and forgot to take a close up picture of them on the table. This is a picture with my cell phone I took the night I made them.

(They are next to the sunflowers in the basket.)  I blew up the photo I took of the kids from the Rodeo.  We kept it simple by grilling hot dogs and I ordered Mac-n-Cheese from Pok-e-Joes.  I also made a fantastic Sangria!  I used the same black gingham fabric to cover a basket for the buns.  I had fruit, chips, and rice crispy treats (I thought they would look like hay with more barn animals stuck in them!)

We had a bounce house.  I wanted to make sure the kids were entertained so the adults would be as well!  I made red gingham runners for the center of the table.  I bought two and a half yards of fabric, cut it down the center and backed it with muslin.

I didn't take a picture of the center pieces, but again here is one I took with my cell phone!

I bought two large Mason Jars at Micheal's and filled them with popcorn kernels.  I found the animals on Etsy.

I wish I could say I made the cake!  I'm just not that talented!  The animals and barn were edible.

I worked with an amazing lady I found on Etsy.  I like EVERYTHING she has on her site, but she didn't seem to have anything that would go with my theme.  I contacted her and she had all kind of ideas and worked up the most perfect outfits for me!!  (Sadly, this was the best picture I could got of the two kids!)  I'm mad I didn't take more pictures of everything, but I was hostessing after all!  Here is her site.. I hate to give it away.. I'd like to keep her all to myself!  She also made this outfit Madison wore on her actual birthday.

Madison was BEYOND thrilled about the animals!

That little bunny by Tyler's side climbed up next to him and sat there the whole time he did!

ALL the babies!  I have NO IDEA how they all just sat there.  They can all crawl.  It was a miracle!

We also had a bubble machine.  This is Jackson!  I think he is the only child I captured playing in them!

The pink tote had two day old baby ducks in it.

Party scenes for memories!

Time for cake!!

Singing "Happy Birthday..."  Something missing?  Yes!  That would be flames.. we had to pretend because it was too windy to keep the candles lit!


Party favors were these adorable cookies a friend of mine made!!

After nap the kids played in the bounce house until they came to take it away...

Thank you Nana and Pop for driving from South Carolina to help celebrate!

Thank you Sara for helping me take pictures!!

Just for me.. a comparison!


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