Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Barnyard Birthday Party!!!

Since Madison and Tylers' birthdays are just 2 weeks apart I decided to have one big party for both of them.  Madison was fine with this as soon as I told her she would have three candles to blow out and poor Tyler would only get one! 

I'm a planner.  I decided last August that I would get a petting zoo and booked them then.  I think the owner thought I was a little crazy, but I knew April would be a hopping time to have those farm animals.  Well ever since August I have been thinking about how to set this party up.  I prayed for nice weather and thankfully we got it!

After searching blogs I found this adorable barnyard themed party.  She gave a tutorial on the tablecloth and since I have so much spare time (HA HA) I figured I would whip it up!!  (I'm just a little crazy!).  In all honesty it was not that bad.  It had been so long since I had pulled out my sewing machine I literally had to watch a video on the Internet on "how to load a bobbin!"  SO.. if I can do it.. so can you!

Instead of using black fabric for the cow I chose a black gingham.

I made Bakerella's pig pops and forgot to take a close up picture of them on the table. This is a picture with my cell phone I took the night I made them.

(They are next to the sunflowers in the basket.)  I blew up the photo I took of the kids from the Rodeo.  We kept it simple by grilling hot dogs and I ordered Mac-n-Cheese from Pok-e-Joes.  I also made a fantastic Sangria!  I used the same black gingham fabric to cover a basket for the buns.  I had fruit, chips, and rice crispy treats (I thought they would look like hay with more barn animals stuck in them!)

We had a bounce house.  I wanted to make sure the kids were entertained so the adults would be as well!  I made red gingham runners for the center of the table.  I bought two and a half yards of fabric, cut it down the center and backed it with muslin.

I didn't take a picture of the center pieces, but again here is one I took with my cell phone!

I bought two large Mason Jars at Micheal's and filled them with popcorn kernels.  I found the animals on Etsy.

I wish I could say I made the cake!  I'm just not that talented!  The animals and barn were edible.

I worked with an amazing lady I found on Etsy.  I like EVERYTHING she has on her site, but she didn't seem to have anything that would go with my theme.  I contacted her and she had all kind of ideas and worked up the most perfect outfits for me!!  (Sadly, this was the best picture I could got of the two kids!)  I'm mad I didn't take more pictures of everything, but I was hostessing after all!  Here is her site.. I hate to give it away.. I'd like to keep her all to myself!  She also made this outfit Madison wore on her actual birthday.

Madison was BEYOND thrilled about the animals!

That little bunny by Tyler's side climbed up next to him and sat there the whole time he did!

ALL the babies!  I have NO IDEA how they all just sat there.  They can all crawl.  It was a miracle!

We also had a bubble machine.  This is Jackson!  I think he is the only child I captured playing in them!

The pink tote had two day old baby ducks in it.

Party scenes for memories!

Time for cake!!

Singing "Happy Birthday..."  Something missing?  Yes!  That would be flames.. we had to pretend because it was too windy to keep the candles lit!


Party favors were these adorable cookies a friend of mine made!!

After nap the kids played in the bounce house until they came to take it away...

Thank you Nana and Pop for driving from South Carolina to help celebrate!

Thank you Sara for helping me take pictures!!

Just for me.. a comparison!


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