Thursday, May 26, 2011

I need to have my license taken away...

I JUST CAN'T MAKE THIS UP!  I wish it weren't true.  I wish I could say I was trying to avoid hitting a small child or even our dog, but I can't.  I'm just going to say it.  I have a Sequoia.  A new one... so it's big.  Not just big, but big big... and WIDE.  My garage was built for two cars.  Two CARS!!! Not a freaking tank!  I have just inches to work with on either side pulling in and out.  That is AFTER I manually fold the mirrors in.. every time.  I also have to park on the left side of the garage for various reasons.  So when I pull into the garage I try to cut the car to the right so I can GET OUT!!!  May I also mention that I have to get Tyler out of the seat behind me? UGH!  So I was carefully monitoring the mirror I mangled yesterday when WHAM I smacked the side of the car.  How does this happen? I finish pulling out and jump out of the car all the while Madison is yelling at me to come and pick up a rubber duck she dropped.  I call Jason and he answers.  I just start crying.. and yelling and saying "I DID IT AGAIN!!!"  "I'M SO OVER THIS!"  I'm causing this scene in my driveway all the while I run back to Madison's seat to retrieve the duck.  (She was creating an even bigger scene if you can believe it.)  I always try to seem "together" when I'm around my kids, but I for sure lost it.  She begins to kiss my arm and tell me that it's okay.  AND would you believe that my husband is laughing on the other end??  Laughing... He gets my picture of the car and responds with "no big deal.. I can buff that out."  A saint I tell you... 

This is what I feel like every day!

For the record here is a list of all the accidents I have caused with a car in my LIFE..

1. In highschool I hit a tree (my windows were iced over except for a small circle in my driving view.  I was on a dirt road and was just wondering to myself if I was still on the road when WHAM I hit a tree.. I was not on the road.)

2.  Two weeks after incident number one I backed out of my garage with my back door open and took it off.   It bent all the way back. 

3.  In college I hit a deer.  Totally not my fault.

4.  I hit a concrete pillar in my apartment complex in Atlanta right after I graduated college pulling out of my parking spot.

5.  I hit one of those gas station pillars by the tank...

6.  My garage over and over and over

see a trend?  I don't.

This is my son today in action (the blurriness should give that away).. He did this all himself and proceeded to crawl around like this.. very happily 

I stopped nursing him just a week after he turned one.. Now I'm trying to ween him off the bottle. Could he be any sweeter drinking it?

Hope your day was better than mine.

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