Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My First Haircut - Tyler

Dear Mama,

What were you thinking?  My first haircut seriously needed to be a magical event for just the two of us.  You brought Madison along and sometimes I think you forget she is new to three and still needs to be monitored.  I am really glad you brought along Mrs. Ange and her kids.  Not sure we would have made it out of there without a complete meltdown if Avery and AJ weren't there to entertain us.  (Oh and you might want to start remembering my shoes.  My knees and feet were black by the time we left that place. Geeze.) 

By the way mama.. Madison's haircut is not straight.  I wonder if that kid ever sits still. 

My before photo...  You can't really tell I even needed a haircut.  I know I did though.. my hair was starting to catch on my collar and had great potential of turning into a mullet. 

I love how you told the hair stylist that you wanted my "cut" to look like "reverse growth."  I think we both gave you a funny look.  "HUH?"  I know.. you just didn't want me to look like I had gotten my haircut.  You wanted it to look the same, but shorter.  I am still a baby after all.. I get you mom.

I love my "after."  I'm still your sweet baby boy.



Mama - you really might want to look in to getting a smaller car or a bigger garage.  Neither is faring well with your driving skills these days...

You and daddy crack me up....

e-mail to daddy with this picture attached:

Mama: "Hit Garage...again"

Daddy:  "great"

Mama: "Ugh, my car is all beat up from the freaking garage"

Daddy: "Not the garage... your driving in the garage.. it doesn't move"

Don't worry mom.. I don't think he's funny either.

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