Sunday, May 8, 2011

One Year Old and Three Year Old Photos...

When I upgraded my camera this last time I made a promise to try and take my own photos instead of paying a professional.  I usually agonize over clothing before we meet with a pro for weeks and maybe just maybe months.  However, I got to leave everything else up to them.  The where, the when, the props, the worry over making my child smile...

(I did manage to snap this sweet photo at the first location.)

Since both kids just celebrated a birthday I knew I had to set a picture date with Jason and stick with it or we would always find a reason to "reschedule."  So on our set date, he quickly became my assistant without applying for the job and got the wrath of my stress!  I had a vision in my head... We drove to what I thought would be a great location.  Turns out the field was way too open with winds whipping us about, the grass was ugly, and there was a kids birthday party going on complete with a pony and jump house.  Madison wanted to crash that party and I wanted to cry.  It was 7 p.m. and the sun was sinking fast.  Jason quickly thought of another location before I fell apart and corralled us and all my props back into the car.  We raced to the second location as Tyler screamed in the back seat.  We were approaching bedtime. 

We pulled up on this little spot around 7:30.  I basically threw kids out of the car as Jason unloaded my props. 

I just started snapping away some photos of Tyler.  He was my priority because I know he'll change so much even in just a few weeks.  Madison has lived with the paparazzi and I knew I could put photos of her off a little longer.

Prop number one was a favorite...

I made Jason run to party city for these.. I waited in the car with the kids while Jason waited in the store for 20 minutes.  I don't think either of us enjoyed it.  I should have called ahead!

Totally worth the wait.. The balloons provided sweet smiles from my tired baby!

I paused for a brief moment to switch lenses.  I swear I was sweating as I race against the clock.. both for light and attitude.  I shouted orders at my assistant.. "Don't let him fall off that horse!!.. Get Madison's tutu on.. DON'T forget her bloomers...Keep her happy.. HE'S eating ROCKS!!!  MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!"

"Okay.. let's try and get a few of Madison."  And Madison says... "what's in it for me?"  Okay.. not really, but she said "NO!"  So I said.. "how about an M&M?"  My assistant pipes in with promises of suckers or anything else she might want.  (I'm thinking he just doesn't want there to be a second day of photo taking...)

"One more sweet girl and we'll be all finished!"

I have to say it's a lot easier to just worry about clothing and not the whole kaboodle!  However, I had a lot of fun and I was really excited about some of these photos.  A special thanks to my assistant!

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