Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Three is the New Two

I've decided that three is tougher than two!  Terrible twos?  HA HA!  Madison has a mind of her own and developed an attitude to go with it.  She is as sweet as she is sour.  Have you seen those Sour Patch Kids commercials?

She can turn it off as quick as she turned it on.  On Mothers Day Jason decided to take me and the kids out to breakfast.  Madison ran into my room and yelled "Happy Mothers Day!" with a giant sweet smile on her face.  I told her we needed to get dressed to go out to eat.. then it began.  Our new morning routine.  She burst into tears and said, "I don't wanna get dressed.."  "Well Madison, we need to put clothes on to go eat breakfast!"  She ran out of the room.. "NO!!!"  I followed her and gave her an option.  "You can get dressed or you can go to time out.  It's your choice."  So she informed me that she would do it herself.  She wanted to dress herself so I pulled out an easy outfit, but she didn't want to wear underwear.  She wanted to wear her plaid shoes with her striped outfit and do it herself.  She wanted me to put her in the car and not Jason.  She didn't want to hold any one's hand across the parking lot.  She didn't want to sit in a booster.  She didn't want to sit by mom she wanted to sit by dad.  She wanted my muffin.  Not just a piece, but the whole thing.  She wanted my yogurt.  Not a bite or a small bowl of her own, but the whole thing.  She didn't want to share her eggs with Tyler.  Oh and be sure to insert tears and crying with each demand.  (.. and for the record, I only gave into the shoe and seating requests!)

Every evening around 5 p.m. she becomes extra pleasant!  She's tired and hungry and I get that.  She will cry at the drop of a hat and will whine for milk or her show or dinner.  I usually say, "Madison, make your voice match mommy's and I'll be glad to help you."  She replies with, "Stop saying make my voice match YOURS!"

I caught her giving Jason a little 'tude the other night.  She was basically telling him to stop telling her what to do. 

For every sour fit there is a sweet.  At breakfast when she wanted my yogurt she first whined for it. Then stopped, flashed a smile, held up her milk and said, "here mom, you can have my milk and I can have your yogurt!"  She always wants what Tyler is playing with.  I tell her not to take his toy.  When I turn my back she snatches it and then exclaims, "AH MOM!  Look!  Tyler is sharing with me.. he's so sweet!"

A friend dropped off a birthday gift for her last night.  When Madison woke up this morning she saw it from the stairs.  She ran downstairs to open it while I stayed upstairs to dress Tyler.  She was all excited and talked to me about the "BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS" on the wrapping paper.  I could hear her ripping through the paper and all of a sudden she said, "OH. MY. GOSHHH!!!"  I said "What is is Madison?!!"  "MAMA!  It's a BOX!!"  I started laughing and asked her if she thought there might be something inside. "Well.. Maybe!"  She opened it up and said .."MOM!  It's a blanket to keep me nice and snugly!"  Oh that girl makes my heart skip a beat. 

I'm reading "Love and Logic" and putting it into action.  (That is where I got the whole make your voice match mine.)  I really think the book makes a lot of sense and so far it's working!  Three seems to be a little more challenging than two, but honestly I am really enjoying this age.  Her little personality is just shining through.  Her sweet makes up for the sour!

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