Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have not been blogging lately because I've been REAL... REAL.. busy...

More on that later. 

Here is the winner as promised of a super adorable Sweaty Band!!

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Jennifer @ Dance Like No One's Watching!... You win!!  e-mail me your mailing address and name of the one you want!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweaty Bands Giveaway!

I make a point to try and keep my posts relevant to the title of my blog.. "Bringing Up Madison and Tyler."  Occasionally I post about things I feel are too good to keep to myself.  If it's something I heart and helps me out then I want to share with anyone who will listen. 

Genetics gave me a rather large forehead so I've had bangs my whole life. I love to run and was so sick of my bangs hanging in my face.  I spent half my run trying to keep them tucked to the side.  I tried bobby pins and looked pretty pitiful wearing them.  I know you shouldn't worry about your hair when you are working out, but I'm a girl.. Ha ha!

Enter my good friend, Leslie.  She works out a lot and even teaches spin.  We are both stay at home moms and find enough time to get in a workout, but not always a hair washing until maybe nap time.  She always looks so cute when she shows up for play dates... I would be hanging out with my sweat slicked bangs and she would be sporting a cute band.. a "Sweaty Band."  Leslie has a million in all different sizes so she gave me several to take home and try on.  Not only are they adorable, but when you workout they don't slip or pop off like some cheaper Target ones I found.  They keep your hair in place looking cute!  (I jumped her before heading into the gym this morning to steal a picture.)  She is wearing a thick band...

I'm wearing the super skinny.. (It's my blog so I can keep my picture small... HA HA!)  They also carry an in between size which I REALLY love too!

SOOOO...  Do you like the thick, the thin, or the super skinny?  Would you like one of your own?  Go to their site and leave me a comment telling me which one you would like for yourself.  (The ones below are just examples.. you can pick ANY on their site!)   I'll do a random integer drawing Thursday, June 30th and have it sent to you!  One comment per person ....US residents only please!

The thick from the side... self shot this morning.. forgive me!...


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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Potty Mouth

I know I know.. I have such a potty mouth and I am so sorry, but that is what my life is consumed with right now.  I thought we had a breakthrough with Madison.  A complete weekend of pooping in the potty.  Then she started summer preschool and it was back to pull ups.  UGHHHHH!!!!  I picked her up that Tuesday afternoon and girlfriend was in her spare clothes.  I looked down at her and said, "OH MAD!".. I looked up at her teacher and asked if she had an accident.. Madison pitifully replied.. "That's okay mom."  So this morning after I parked the car at the school I turned to Madison and said in my most high pitched, sweetest voice ever... "YOU KNOW WHAT MADISON?!  If you poop on the potty at school today, I'll take you to get cake and ice cream!!"  She scrunched up her tiny little nose, looked at me sideways and said, "MOOOOOOMMMMMMM (in a disgusted grumpy voice...) that stuff makes my tummy hurt!!"  I was taken aback for just a second (I was dazed in this boxing round, but not knocked out yet.. ding ding.. round two).  "Okay Madison... WELL THEN YOU KNOW WHAT?!!  I'll take you to Target (yes my three year old is very familiar with that place) and you can pick out ANY TOY YOU WANT!!!!"  (That was delivered with the same juicy sweetness jello pudding grin...)

Do you know what that turkey said??  "MOOOOMMMMM!!!  (disgusted voice again).. "UH! (insert grunt and sideways glance..)  We have plenty of toys at home!!" 

That was it.. I was knocked out.  I have nothing left.. and the winner is...... MADISON!!!  I let out a huge belly laugh... I mean what do you say to that?

Here's a few cell phone pictures.. I need to get going on more photo taking of the kids.  Tyler is such a fast, no fear, crawling baby that I can't leave for a second.  Not even to grab my camera that is usually upstairs when I am down or downstairs when I am up.  So thank goodness for the IPhone and instagram!!

Madison doing dot art.  She got this as a birthday gift and it's so cute!!  It's also not really messy and easy for her to do!

Tyler.. see what I mean?  I ran to the restroom (yes, I do that sometimes) with Madison right on my heels and when I came back all was quiet.  Where was he?  So I rounded the corner in the kitchen and saw my pantry door wide open.. He was tucked in the side just tearing it up!  BUSTED!

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Friday, June 10, 2011

My Girl Can Swim....

Madison began swim lessons a week ago with an amazing instructor.  After just three lessons she was full on swimming.  She completed her eighth and final lesson this afternoon.  Some days I dropped her off at our neighborhood pool for her lesson.  (The first two lessons included a lot of crying...)  Some days I stayed and played in the baby pool with Tyler.  However, today was our day.  Her instructor wanted to show me how to help her grow in swimming so Tyler stayed home with a sitter.  I took along my camera so I could capture her....

SWIMMING!!!  Madison made her instructor laugh because she likes to float.  Picture snorkeling.. she just moseys on along calmly kicking with her arms out to her side checking out the view.. then she realizes she is running out of air and starts vigorously kicking to get to her destination. 

I brought along a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt today so her instructor (who by the way is 35 weeks pregnant with her FOURTH baby!) could show her how to swim and get out of the pool if she fell in with her clothes on.

She has also been learning to float on her back...

and play..  Here she is diving for toys..  I'm so amazed by my own child.  She loves it and I feel so much better about her being in or around the pool!  I just can't say enough about her wonderful instructor, Mrs. Lara... Thank you!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend and then some..

Let's kick off this post with Madison modeling the dress Nana knit her!! My girl is growing up.. Gone are the silly nose scrunching smiles she gave me in the past.  I welcome her new sweet smiles given on command! 

We actually had a pretty busy weekend.  We went to the lake for a cookout with friends.  Our view..

It was HOT, but we managed to find some great shade.

We were with one of Tyler's good friends, Emily.

Tyler was in a good mood as long as he was being fed.

Tyler does something Madison NEVER did.  He ventures of the picnic blanket.  Madison never left it when she was a baby.  She never liked how things felt off the blanket.  She hated grass, sand and dirt.  I guess it's true what they say about boys... they like to get dirty.

Here Mr. Tyler was venturing off the blanket.  I was going to take a little photo of him when Miss Madison waltzed up and stood next to him.  What a sweet little moment I found myself capturing when WHAM!!!!  Madison smacked Tyler in the face with that doll.  I was still looking threw my lens crouched on the ground...  not yet grasping why Tyler was screaming when WHAM!!!  Madison smacked me on top of the head knocking my sunglasses to the ground.  I took a moment to gather my balance and composure before sending her to time-out.  Jason scooped up Tyler as our spectators tried not to laugh at the whole thing.

We found ourselves at our neighborhood pool the next day to try and beat the heat.

Once again Tyler was happy as long as he was having a snack.  He is currently not a fan of the pool.  I'm hoping he will get over this soon.  We seem to find ourselves there everyday!

We met a bunch of neighbors up there and Emily came over again to play!  (Tyler needs to learn a thing or two from "HAPPY IN THE POOL" Emily! 

We got a sitter Sunday night and went out with a bunch of friends.  I'll tell you.. living in Austin provides you with wonderful places to eat!  We felt we were on vacation just 20 minutes from our house at Uncle Billy's on the lake!  (I took this with my cell phone from my seat at dinner.)

I love my babies, but it's so nice to get out with friends and Jason!

 Our neighbor is getting an in ground pool as we speak.  They have all kinds of trucks at their house.  Madison asked what was going on and I told her that they were building a pool.  She responded with.. "I want that dump truck to bring me a pool too!!"  (In a sweet whiny voice.)  She started begging Jason at dinner last night.  He gave me a look and I had to swear I didn't put her up to it.. which I didn't!!!  I did tell her to point to her pinkie finger and look at Jason and say.. "right here, daddy.. right here."  She did and it was hysterical.  (As in he's wrapped around her little finger!)

  We hit 103 degrees yesterday and needed a way to cure after dinner boredom.  This was the best Jason could come up with after all that pool talk.  

They both loved it.  It kept Tyler's attention for a record ten minutes and then he crawled out.  Just like that... I was too lazy to put a swim diaper on him.  It's amazing what a pair of pampers can hold.  And would you look at all that dirt on my son?  Madison has begun referring to Tyler as "your son."  She hears me say all the time when he is up to no good or being really cute and funny.. "hey Jason, look at your son."  So Madison will say.. "Mama.. look at your son!" 

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