Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Potty Mouth

I know I know.. I have such a potty mouth and I am so sorry, but that is what my life is consumed with right now.  I thought we had a breakthrough with Madison.  A complete weekend of pooping in the potty.  Then she started summer preschool and it was back to pull ups.  UGHHHHH!!!!  I picked her up that Tuesday afternoon and girlfriend was in her spare clothes.  I looked down at her and said, "OH MAD!".. I looked up at her teacher and asked if she had an accident.. Madison pitifully replied.. "That's okay mom."  So this morning after I parked the car at the school I turned to Madison and said in my most high pitched, sweetest voice ever... "YOU KNOW WHAT MADISON?!  If you poop on the potty at school today, I'll take you to get cake and ice cream!!"  She scrunched up her tiny little nose, looked at me sideways and said, "MOOOOOOMMMMMMM (in a disgusted grumpy voice...) that stuff makes my tummy hurt!!"  I was taken aback for just a second (I was dazed in this boxing round, but not knocked out yet.. ding ding.. round two).  "Okay Madison... WELL THEN YOU KNOW WHAT?!!  I'll take you to Target (yes my three year old is very familiar with that place) and you can pick out ANY TOY YOU WANT!!!!"  (That was delivered with the same juicy sweetness jello pudding grin...)

Do you know what that turkey said??  "MOOOOMMMMM!!!  (disgusted voice again).. "UH! (insert grunt and sideways glance..)  We have plenty of toys at home!!" 

That was it.. I was knocked out.  I have nothing left.. and the winner is...... MADISON!!!  I let out a huge belly laugh... I mean what do you say to that?

Here's a few cell phone pictures.. I need to get going on more photo taking of the kids.  Tyler is such a fast, no fear, crawling baby that I can't leave for a second.  Not even to grab my camera that is usually upstairs when I am down or downstairs when I am up.  So thank goodness for the IPhone and instagram!!

Madison doing dot art.  She got this as a birthday gift and it's so cute!!  It's also not really messy and easy for her to do!

Tyler.. see what I mean?  I ran to the restroom (yes, I do that sometimes) with Madison right on my heels and when I came back all was quiet.  Where was he?  So I rounded the corner in the kitchen and saw my pantry door wide open.. He was tucked in the side just tearing it up!  BUSTED!

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