Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweaty Bands Giveaway!

I make a point to try and keep my posts relevant to the title of my blog.. "Bringing Up Madison and Tyler."  Occasionally I post about things I feel are too good to keep to myself.  If it's something I heart and helps me out then I want to share with anyone who will listen. 

Genetics gave me a rather large forehead so I've had bangs my whole life. I love to run and was so sick of my bangs hanging in my face.  I spent half my run trying to keep them tucked to the side.  I tried bobby pins and looked pretty pitiful wearing them.  I know you shouldn't worry about your hair when you are working out, but I'm a girl.. Ha ha!

Enter my good friend, Leslie.  She works out a lot and even teaches spin.  We are both stay at home moms and find enough time to get in a workout, but not always a hair washing until maybe nap time.  She always looks so cute when she shows up for play dates... I would be hanging out with my sweat slicked bangs and she would be sporting a cute band.. a "Sweaty Band."  Leslie has a million in all different sizes so she gave me several to take home and try on.  Not only are they adorable, but when you workout they don't slip or pop off like some cheaper Target ones I found.  They keep your hair in place looking cute!  (I jumped her before heading into the gym this morning to steal a picture.)  She is wearing a thick band...

I'm wearing the super skinny.. (It's my blog so I can keep my picture small... HA HA!)  They also carry an in between size which I REALLY love too!

SOOOO...  Do you like the thick, the thin, or the super skinny?  Would you like one of your own?  Go to their site and leave me a comment telling me which one you would like for yourself.  (The ones below are just examples.. you can pick ANY on their site!)   I'll do a random integer drawing Thursday, June 30th and have it sent to you!  One comment per person ....US residents only please!

The thick from the side... self shot this morning.. forgive me!...


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