Sunday, July 10, 2011


Madison loves to dance.  There is this commercial that comes on while she watches some of her shows that is for some sort of Dora product, I think.  Anyway.. it's a bunch of little girls in doing ballet.  Madison always jumps up and starts trying to do it too.  When she turned three I enrolled her for a summer class to see if she would like it.  She started this past week.  Time got away from me and I had to buy all her clothes and shoes the morning of her first class.  This stressed me out to no end.  I was shocked to see a lot of other moms in there that morning doing the same thing.  She LOVED seeing herself in the clothes and it was hard to drag her from the mirror at the store. 
A quick shot with my phone on the way to class...

I arrived a few minutes early so I could get a few shots of Madison with Ansley.  We arrived to a crazy chaotic lobby of two year olds getting out of one class and three year olds arriving for their first class.  The excitement was in the air!   Madison was running around like a crazy lady.

However, she was thrilled to see Ansley.  Don't they look like little pros?!

This was the best I got of Madison alone before class...  She was paying me no mind.  She was practicing her skills!

after class...  (Notice the tongue?  She has started sticking it out when she's concentrating!)

and during...  (she's right in the middle.. keep in mind I am taking these photos through a mirror from outside the class!  Not bad!)

Unfortunatly, she got a little bored.  (I'm not sure you can tell from this photo.. haha!)  The class is 45 minutes.  She asked for me several times.

On the ride home I asked her if she like tap or ballet better.  "Neither mama.. I not going back."  Then yelled to have her leotard and tights taken off.  In her defense it was over a 100 degrees outside.  Now that we are getting close to her second class she is saying she wants to go back.  I think 45 minutes is a long time to keep a three year olds attention.  Hopefully, she will get the hang of it!


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