Thursday, July 14, 2011

Facebook Phone Pics and THE Winner!

I seem to have my IPhone in my hand at all times.  Maybe a little too much.  However, it comes in handy when I need to snap a photo.  I tend to upload funny shots onto facebook. Here are some of the ones that have made the cut.

I sat Madison on the potty and ran to throw away her pull up.  Of course the trash was full so I decided to quickly take it out to the garage.  I was gone less than a minute and returned to this.  Tyler was emptying her potty wipes and she was emptying the roll.  Life.

He's a great student of Madison's.

I caught him red handed in the pantry.  He loves to destroy!

Tyler pitches a major fit if I take him straight out of the car.  He likes to stay in a while and play.  I am in control at my house.

Dear Saturday,

Why must you always look like this?

I sent this to my dad who is an AMAZING cook.  I asked him if he got his start in a pink kitchen too. 

His response:  "Afraid not. Funny thing I never started cooking until I was in college in an apartment. Always loved food and was around my mother a lot in the kitchen. Never cooked though; just picked it up through osmosis. Cooking is three things, desire, experience and taste."  I love that.

I got a sitter for Tyler and took Madison out to lunch after ballet.  I let her pick the place.  She said "that sandwich shop where we met da da."  We met Jason one time there for lunch months ago.  I'm amazed at what she remembers.

Hair cut number two this week took all of five minutes.  He sat still and really seemed to enjoy himself!!  I took him while Madison was at school this time.  I let her cut a little more off... It's hard to let go. 

"M" is for Madison!

Did you see that Pioneer Woman is doing a phone picture contest??  I entered one I've posted on here before.. Pretty sure it won't make the cut, but it's fun!!

OHHHHH and the winner of the Vinyl Designs giveaway?!! 

If you didn't win you must go purchase your own!! They are only $10 and I LOVE mine!!!

She also has other items too...



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